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concrete gravel boards. concrete gravel boards are a great way to give extra structure and robustness to your fencing, a small investment that will be repaid many times over. by raising wooden fencing above the ground concrete gravel boards reduce rot while the hard-wearing concrete adds rigidity.

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plastic gravel boards and post . fence system description. pvc gravel boards build up to produce a maintenance free fence. fencing gravel boards stack on top of each other to form fence panels at 1 foot or 6-inch increments. these interlocking boards are also suitable to drop strht into an existing concrete post.

wooden panel garden fence

wooden panel garden fence. erecting the fence panels - fitting the gravel boards - finishing off. a well-erected wooden panel fence is more than just a boundary; it can increase the attraction of your property especially if climbing plants are trained up and/or along it.

how to install concrete fence posts and gravel boards

with closeboard fencing, concrete gravel boards are used with morticed posts which are attached using two metal pin push-in cleats. the cleats simply slot into the fence post using two holes located near the bottom of the fence post and then the gravel board is bolted onto the cleat, usually using bolts.

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gravel boards should be an essential for anyone constructing a new run of garden fencing. they sit underneath the panels, protecting them from excessive moisture damage and premature rotting. we have both concrete gravel boards and wooden gravel boards available to choose from, so you can match with your posts.

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when erecting a fence, you want to make sure that its going to be long lasting. using gravel boards prevents your wooden panels from getting rot. they connect to the bottom of the panel, keeping them off the ground, protecting them from moisture.

which is best, a concrete or wooden gravel board?

a pressure treated wooden gravel board will have a much longer lifespan. to match the look of your fence panels, we have gravel boards in both pressure treated green and brown. which is best? either a concrete or wooden gravel board will help your fence panels last longer. the choice really comes down to how much you want to spend up front and

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gravel boards. gravel boards are placed beneath the fence panels and can be used to increase the height of the fence, they also lift the timber panels off the ground so they are less likely to rot. we strongly recommend the installation of gravel boards as they will extend the life of your expensive fence panels.

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gravel boards are the perfect solution when it comes to isolating fence panels from the ground moisture. available in timber or concrete.

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a solid gravel board will always make a fence look better. types of gravel board. wooden gravel boards look great and are easy to cut to size. always include them with any fencing order. make sure that each board has been pressure treated with a preservative to ensure longevity. many people opt for concrete gravel boards, especially when fixing

concrete gravel boards

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