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if you lose your headquarters, your pretty much dead. once your headquarters is built you can build another bulldozer and some dump trucks, but nevermind that right now. get your bulldozer and build one of those supply facilities which is very critical to have. it should come with a dump truck that will find one of two different supplies.

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this could be a bit of a setback. there's nothing you can do about the truck for now, so just head into the house. if you move the pillow, you can nab a tire iron that someone was sleeping on. at least i *hope* that's what they were doing with it use it to break the lock on the chest at the foot of the bed, and you'll find a new fuel line.

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if this dump truck is going to carry some serious weight, here is what the guy should really do. put the wood on like he wants (i would stake every 3 feet from my experience). then back it on the inside of the bed with 1/8" sheets of steel. bolt the steel sheets to at least one post of steel, front and back, and the rest to the wood with 3/8

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in missoula, mont., a group of about 60 men and women are forest service hired guns, trained to jump out of airplanes and attack wildfires in the most remote terrain. cnet news reporter daniel

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price and quality — sawing oak boards for dump truck beds sawing for a utility market like truck bed liners carries its own set of economic calculations. here's a practical business discussion that delves into the pennies and the board feet. may 23, 2007

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the bed wood in the chevrolet & gmc trucks was originally a southern yellow pine. the advanced designed trucks bed wood came from the factory treated with a combination of linseed oil and lampblack, giving it a dull black color. the boards were held down by metal strips between the boards which were also painted black .

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dump truck side boards. discussion in 'trucks' started by divedigger, jul 20, rot is not a problem because they get busted first but thats what they are there for to protect the top of the bed. i am looking for a wood that will just chip rather split all the way down. in most cases its just better to buy a bunch of pine boards from home