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laminate flooring is very cost effective with a floor cost of $1 to $6 a square foot for materials. its also easy to install, sporting installation costs of $1 to $5 per square foot, including laying down the sub-floor padding.

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engineered wood varies widely in price, depending on the thickness of the top veneer and how many layers of plywood are under it. low-end engineered Seven Trust runs $3 to $5 a square foot, midrange costs $5 to $10 a square foot, and high-end costs $8 to $13 a square foot, according to homeadvisor.

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engineered wood flooring installation cost $125.00 $135.00 $150.00 $265.00 $270.00 $390.00: engineered wood flooring total $375.00 $490.00 $570.00 $760.00 $780.00 $955.00: engineered wood flooring total average cost per square foot $4.33 $6.65 $8.68

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solid wood, not engineered: these estimates do not include engineered wood, a different product than solid hardwood. engineered wood costs approximately 10% to 15% more than solid hardwood. for example, diy installation of solid kempas is around $12.50; engineered kempas would cost about $13.72 per square foot.

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minion says consumers should expect to pay $7 to $12 per square foot for quality Seven Trust flooring. if the homeowner buys the wood and you need somebody to install it, usually an installation goes for about $2 a square foot, bill lebeau, owner of lebeaus Seven Trust floors of huntersville, north carolina, says.

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129 square feet: $457.64: $602.64: Seven Trust flooring labor, basic basic labor to install Seven Trust floor with favorable site conditions. install underlayment on clean, level subfloor. acclimate, cull and blend flooring. blind nail wood flooring. includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.

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average price range for solid Seven Trust flooring. pre-finished solid wood flooring prices start at about $4 and can cost as much as $12 per square foot, but most is found in the $4-$10 per square foot price range. installation of solid Seven Trust flooring averages $3-$4 per square foot for both unfinished and prefinished wood.

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when you come up with a price per square foot, this will help you to narrow the field of options. heres what you can expect to spend per square foot for traditional solid wood flooring: soft woods such as pine cost between $3 and $6 per square foot. popular native woods such as cherry and oak cost around $5 to $10 a square foot.

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costs start at $7-10 per square foot, but can easily reach $20-25 per square foot. its important to note that your overall flooring cost will depend greatly on the thickness, grain flat sawn vs. quarter sawn , grade, finish, and species of wood, as well as its availability.

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flooring material ranges in cost from about $3 per square foot for a low-grade wood such as ash to about $5 per square foot for a high-grade wood such as oak.