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can i lay ceramic tile over linoleum?

laying ceramic tiles over this type of floor is a bad idea for a few reasons. linoleum expands and contracts with the weather. this will crack your grout and loosen the adhesive holding down your tile. linoleum can also crack and peel when it is covered by another substance, causing your ceramic floor to come up.

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as with laying tile over vinyl, as long as the subfloor and joists provide a firm foundation, the linoleum is well glued down, in good shape, and clean; you should be able to lay tile or marble over the linoleum.

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to install tile over vinyl, it's best to have sheet vinyl flooring, not square tile or plank vinyl. because sheet vinyl is one continuous piece, you will get a higher quality installation without the ceramic tile on top shifting. with vinyl tile, the possibility of shifting is greater.

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when you're ready to install tile over linoleum, a thin layer of mortar should be spread over the floor's surface with a flat edged trowel. after the thin layer has dried, which should take about 30 minutes, use a notched trowel to add a second layer over the first layer, taking care to create even ridges over the surface.

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if you plan to lay your linoleum over the existing floor, check it to make sure that it is level and free of imperfections. if you plan to lay it over the subfloor, remove your existing flooring and check whether the subfloor is in good condition. for 12-inch tiles: floor area = of 12-inch linoleum tiles needed; 3.

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ceramic tile over linoleum floor. i want to install tile on a floor that has linoleum flooring. i wonder if i need to use some type of underlayment. i want to avoid building up the floor too high. i have seen a soft type underlayment called 'easy mat', is this something i can use for an underlayment if necessary?

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when tiling over existing vinyl flooring on a plywood subfloor, its not necessary remove the vinyl flooring as long as you apply a layer of cement backer board first to provide a stable surface for the tile. heres how to go about tiling a floor over vinyl flooring: the tile used on this

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linoleum or vinyl flooring: sheet vinyl can be laid over old linoleum or vinyl flooring if the existing floor is in good condition. if the old floor has a rough texture or some indentations, use a coat of embossing leveler. applied with a strhtedge trowel, the embosser will create a smooth surface to support the new floor.

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in the case of my bathroom remodel above, it is a good thing i did remove the old linoleum because the new tile floor is just at the level of the threshold. if the linoleum was there then i would have needed to raise the threshold. many flooring choices can be laid directly over your old vinyl flooring, as long as it is flat and even.

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how to install vinyl flooring over tiles over linoleum tiles - thrift diving were easy to install over the existing tiles and would be easy to get done in a few days my basement is just

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before the adhesive dries, roll over the tiles with a heavy roller rentable at most home centers or tool rental businesses. next up. follow these instructions to paint and install this custom-made linoleum floor. how to install natural cork flooring. cover an existing floor with a floating floor made from natural cork planks.

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more tips for tiling over linoleum. often, when linoleum is installed, only the edges and center are spot glued. portions of the linoleum floor can come up at any time. make a tighter floor so that your tiles will lay flat by fastening with 1' rust-proof screws or nails roughly every six inches on the linoleum flooring.