how to build a 6 foot wooden planter

how to build a planter box

planter boxes are a great way to add garden elements where you might not have the best of soil conditions. wooden boxes are attractive, but youre limited to square or rectangular boxes, and they take some time to put together. you can build a concrete planter box, like the ones shown on yard crashers, and make different sizes.

how to build a hexagon planter

stack the second hexagon on top of the first one. this will make a 60- x 24-inch planter. join the top and bottom planters together with 6-inch poplar boards or scrap lumber. drill 2-inch exterior wood screws into each panel. you can also use metal straps for this step.

how to make a wooden planter box

this diy wooden planter box is a great idea for any garden or at the front of any entrance. in this video the wood that i use to build this cube planter box are 2 * 2 fence posts and all the

how to make a planter box with pictures

drill 4 wood screws through the sides and leg. with your pieces clamped in place, hold a 1 5 8 in 4.1 cm wood screw so that it rests 1 in 2.5 cm from the top and side of your fence board, directly on top of the leg. drill the screw all the way through the side panel and leg to join them. repeat this process near each corner of you side panel to secure your leg to the side.

remodelaholic vive la france build a tall wooden planter

build this simple but elegant tall wooden planter for $50 or less following this detailed building plan and tutorial. the planter is 3 feet tall and perfect for an entryway.

wooden planter plans howtospecialist

building a wooden planter should be an easy project even for an amateur handyman. in addition, you need common materials, therefore you could even reuse lumber, if you want to obtain a rough appearance. in this article we show you how to build a wooden planter in just a few hours, while keeping the total costs of the projects at a decent level.

37 outstanding diy planter box plans, designs and ideas

37 outstanding diy planter box plans, designs and ideas. farhan ahsan september 5, 2014 designs and ideas 9 comments 1,283 views. share. here are brief steps to build this diy wooden planter box. you only need three of 8 foot 1x4 surfaced pieces of redwood. a circular saw, a tape measure and an electric drill are the tools required.

how to build a hexagon planter

six 6-inch pieces; note: the planter put together in this project has a 60-inch diameter with 30-inch sides, and a total height of 24 inches. if you would like to make a different sized hexagon planter, the radius is equal to the length of the six planter sides. for example: a 48-inch diameter planter would have 24-inch sides.

how to build a modern planter family handyman

a modern planter like this is super simple to build. and itll last a long, long time because theres no soil-to-wood contactand therefore no rot. instead, the soil is contained in a plastic planter inside the wooden planter. the only part that touches the ground is never-rust aluminum. you

how to build a cedar planter with rough cut lumber

you can build this planter with any type of wood, but the nice part about cedar is that you dont have to finish it. its naturally weather resistant, and has such a wonderful smell. tools and supplies. these are the supplies you will need to make two planters the same dimension as mine 18 by 18 by 26 tall .

how to build a garden planter box ehow

for the planter box: skilsaw. power drill. yardstick or strhtedge. jigsaw. miter box or saw. clamps. wood glue. 3 cedar one-by-sixes, 6 feet. 2 cedar one-by-twos, 6 feet. 1 cedar two-by-six, 8 feet. 1 cedar one-by-four, 8 feet. 68 galvanized deck screws, 1 1/4 inches. 12 galvanized deck screws, 2 1/2 inches. drill bit, 1/2 inch. soup can. try square optional

how to build a 4 foot wood flower planter

how to build a planter box « the official site of chef - similar to how to build a planter box « the official site of chef may 10, 2012 the home hardware supply stores will cut your wood for you in most cases to plant: 1 roll of planters fabric; 6-8 bags of planting soil. directions: .

how to build an elevated wooden planter box diy

how to build an elevated wooden planter box. set your saw to the depth of a 2×4 and make a series of cuts on the outside edges outside in relationship to the stack in the previous step . make a series of cross cuts to get the party started. a table saw is more efficient than a circular saw. a band saw might be even better.

building a planter box with 2 x 6 boards home guides

attach the 2 x 6-inch boards at the corners with deck screws for durability. use at least three deck screws at each corner. don't use glues or adhesives. for a planter box that will sit on the ground in your yard, you may need to level the ground before placing the box. line the bottom of the planter box with weed block.

10 plans for planters and trellises the family handyman

show off your gardening skills with this simple multi-level plant stand. its easy to build from seven 8-ft.-long 1x2s. in just a morning, you can build this handsome, durable plant stand, perfect for indoor use or outside on a deck or patio. get the plans for this tiered plant stand here.

how to build a wooden raised bed planter box

how to build a wooden raised bed planter box june 4, 2014 by nicole stevenson 9 comments the first time i ever tasted something that didnt end up in my mouth via the grocery store, i was seven.