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the real cost of leasing vs. buying solar panels

buying solar panels requires an investment and more decision-making than leasing, but over the long term the benefits of owning your system are hard to beat.

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but going solar can also be fraught with pitfalls, particularly when you’re deciding how to finance your solar system. people lease because buying the system outright requires a lot of up-front

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why i bought two tons of wood heating pellets. with the winter coming, cnet's martin lamonica gets a fresh load of home heating pellets and takes stock of the growing mix of home energy options.

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power costs have spiraled, and reliability and availability have decreased in many areas. solar power is an obvious choice to supplement or replace the existing supply. before making the best purchase decision, the concerned buyer needs to understand the pros and cons of leasing or buying solar power and the main challenges they will face.

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it’s important to do your homework when considering whether to buy or lease your solar panels. when you lease a solar system or enter into a power purchase agreement (ppa), you do not own the system and are simply “renting” it from the installer.

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when buying a home with solar panels already installed, if the homeowner still owes on a lease contract with a solar company, they may try to pass the contract off to you. chris monroe/cnet

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the main practical distinction between buying and leasing a solar pv system is in ownership. if you buy a solar panel system, you own the system, either outright (if purchasing with cash) or after repaying your solar loan. if you lease the system or sign a power purchase agreement (ppa), a third party owns the solar panel system.

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when it comes to leasing or buying solar panels, the best option for you and your energy needs will depend on your financial goals and preferences.let's take a closer look at whether you should buy or lease solar panels. should i lease or buy solar panels - does it really make a difference?

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with leasing, incentives for businesses, and rebates for homeowners who buy systems, solar panel use doubled in california last year - a big step toward the ambitious goal of generating one-third