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the surge 2 for playstation 4 reviews - metacritic

the surge 2 is like a juicy, metal-plated bone that gamers looking for a well-crafted yet brutal combat experience can really sink their teeth into: it will push them to their limits, hurt and punish in all the right ways, but offers that sweet, sweet payoff when you finally emerge victorious.

the surge 2 for pc reviews - metacritic

as a long time soulsborne fanatic i found the concept of the original surge intriguing, but i stayed away since it seems to lack diversity in its environments and game play. man, deck 13 has really stepped up its game for this sequel. the diversity and complexity of the surge 2's environments pose a brilliant and fascinating challenge.

expanded metal trailer deck recommendations - pirate4x4

expanded metal trailer deck recommendations. looking for some info on what people have used. my current trailer deck is wood so i realize i'll need to install a few more braces to get the expanded metal to not sag. what gauge have folks used? what was the distance between braces? what different types of expanded metal?

expanded metal or wood floor? lawnsite

i love having treated wood on for the deck in my trailer. you can screw all kinds of stuff into it and then remove it and move stuff around and if a board rots out, its a simple cheap change out of one board not an entire deck for the expanded metal. i don't see how expanded holds up to the daily beating of lawn service.

where to get mesh deck for trailer - honda cbr1000 forum

the real reasons i was opting for expanded metal was because: a) the folding trailers don't really fold well with anything 3/4" or thicker, as instructed here: this picture shows the limiting factor in the thickness of plywood that you can use for the deck and still have a flat-folding trailer.

e3 2006 editors' choice awards - gamespot

while we'd like to be giving this award to the 15-minute version, the best trailer to be found on gamespot from e3 2006 is the metal gear solid 4 trailer seen at sony's preshow press conference.

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steel decking. where a tough, hard wearing deck is required, especially where heavy machinery, pallets of material, engine blocks, scrap metal or similar is dragged, pushed, slid or driven onto the trailer, a steel deck is a good choice.

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expanded metal grating - sheet metal decking and flooring structures. expanded metal gratings are expanded metal grids in structures of single pieces sheet metals with no joints or welding spots. the expanded steel and aluminum grates are often used in the construction of bridge decks, walkways floors, catwalks and drain covers.