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how do i calculate square metres to linear metres so i can calculate how much timber cladding i need to buy to build a barn? thanks i have 35 square meters of decking to lay im using 90mm width deck how many linear meters do i need ? thanks comment. post cancel. convert square metres to linear metres

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first you need to work out your square meters. you do this by taking the length and width of your decking and times them by each other. say your decking is 6m x 4m = 24m2

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1- calculate the amount of decking board rows. example: if the deck is 3 metres wide and 5 metres long including fascia board and decking board overhang and the decking boards are 90mm wide and using a 4mm spacing between decking boards, your calculation would be: 3000/ 90 4 = 3000/94 = 31.9149 which you would round up to 32. this deck will require 32 rows of decking boards.

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so, if you need 50 boards at a length of 3-metres, your requirement is 150 linear metres. the square metre coverage this will achieve when the boards are laid side by side depends on the face width of the decking in question.

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square to linear conversion the calculation required to convert square metres to linear metres can, on first impressions, seem rather complicated. it helps to think in terms of the number of linear metres required to cover an area of 1 square metre, 1m x 1m .

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we then advise adding an additional 10% on to the linear meter figure. for example 469 rounded figure x 1.1 = 515.9 working out how many timber decking boards to buy. we take the linear metre measurement and divide it by the length of board you are going to use. 515.9m ÷ 3.0m = 171.96 decking boards.

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thus 4 lineal meters of this particular carpet would cover 16 square meters. in a similar fashion timber is often sold by the lineal meter which describes the cost per meter of length of the board.

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if you are using a timber decking board with a width of 123mm x 33mm, you would 5mm to this to get 128mm. you then divide the square metres with the 128mm. so 60m2 with a decking board with a width of 123mm plus 5mm for the gap between each decking board would be 60m ² ÷ 0.128mm = 468.75 linear meters. we would then round this figure up to the nearest whole number.

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linear metres and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. hit and - buttons to open or close spacing, re-calculating the deck to find how different spacing options effect cost and materials.

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the following are a list of general timber conversions which are used througout the timber industry. lineal meters to cubic meters. lineal meters x nominal width x nominal depth = cubic meters; eg: 300 lineal x 0.100 x 0.038 = 1.14 m3 $ per lineal meters to $ per cubic meters $ lineal meters / nominal width / nominal depth = cubic meters

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once you know the lineal meterage of decking required it is quite easy to approximate how many screws you will need. say you need 500lm of decking, divide that by .450 which is your standard joist spacing.

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an australian owned family business involved in the wholesale distribution of quality timber and panel products. our timber is both locally produced and imported, sourced from well-managed plantations and native forests in australia and other parts of the world.

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lineal to cubic and cubic to lineal timber calculators. use to convert lineal to cubic or cubic to lineal for timber dimensions

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measure the length of your deck, and record that measurement in inches. multiply the number of inches in length by the number of boards that will cover the deck's width. for example, an eight-foot long 96-inch long deck requiring 29 boards to cover its width yields a resulting measurement of 2,784 board inches 96 inches x 29 = 2,784 .

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that is why here at halswell timber we like to have the opportunity to discuss your project in detail; the site situation, what climatic issues there may be, entry points off the deck, decks built around the swimming pool, the elevations, whether it is a commercial or family deck. the list goes on there are many factors to account for in order