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the best place to visit in italy is naples. its the real italy and its built right on the water, so the water views are spectacular and since the tourists have not found it the prices are still reasonable. from naples, it also seems like there are more day trips than the other tourist destinations.

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best places to visit in italy tourists and travel experts have long agreed that italy is a special place, so much so that the country has become a de facto bucket list destination for just about

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romantic naples, two hours south of rome, is the largest city in southern italy. it has some of the world's best opera and theater houses and is often called an open-air museum, due to its many historic statues and monuments. join families on promenade as the sun sets on the bay of naples.

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the list of places to visit in italy is long. so long, in fact, that it would take months to see all of them. most people have just a week or two to explore this amazing country. here is a list of some of italy’s best destinations, a good starting point for having the best holiday here. best places to visit in italy rome

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the best vacation spots for retirees offer relaxation and adventure -- find out what travel experts recommend for retired travelers. who wouldn't want to travel to italy? if you're a retiree

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a guide to boston’s little italy: the north end. included on our list of best places in boston for heart of the north end where you visit the sites mentioned above. north end market tour

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here are some of the best local tree farms in delaware valleynothing says christmas like the smell of a freshly 18 best vacation destinations in 2018. located between italy and tunisia

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italy. italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

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the best way to explore the rural areas of italy is by renting a vacation house or apartment in a rural area or small italian city as this will allow you the opportunity to set up a "home base," get to know the neighbors and community, and travel out at leisure to nearby destinations and local favorites.