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i received an email from one of my readers recently and he was wondering about the safety of using a charcoal grill on a wooden deck. well, to be honest, apart from my water smoker which is also fired by charcoal, i always use my charcoal grills on my wooden deck.i even use my brinkmann trailmaster limited edition offset smoker on my deck.. click here to go directly to the grill mats for your

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read page 7 of the fire code bans use of barbecues on decks of apts. and condos - help discussion from the chowhound general discussion, california food community. join the discussion today.

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read the grill questions: infrared and bge discussion from the chowhound cookware, bbqs and grills food community. we have a raised wooden / composite deck, not a concrete patio. is it still advisable to have a charcoal grill/device (e.g., bge) that requires a chimney starter on a deck rather than a patio?

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grill pads. charcoal grills and smokers pose an extra risk on decks because embers tend to fall out of ash pans and drop onto the wood decking below, often unnoticed.

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best grill mat for wood deck. grill pad is available in both a rectangular model and a circular model, making it suitable for both gas grills and charcoal grills. you know you need to protect your grill or composite deck from stains, spills, and sparks. the original grill pad comes in hand to solve your problem.

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many smokers function differently than other grills, using wood chips instead of charcoal for the flavor and a water basin to control the temperature. while charcoal and gas grills can be hacked, in a sense, to function as a smoker, a smoker can not function as a regular grill.

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my neighbor started a fire on a small wood grill and burned 1/2 their house. luckily i have a cement deck (1st floor) others have the wooden deck. read the charcoal grill on wooden deck discussion from the chowhound not about food food community. join the discussion today. but i'd love to have one of the charcoal grills upstairs off the

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buy from amazon. if you are looking for something more round, the newtex firepad deck protector is available in sizes of 24 and 36 inches. it is a good fit for small grills, firepits, and smokers.it is also safe on stone, wood, and composite decks. this protective deck pad is made using the same technology that military equipment and aircraft use to protect against heat and fire.