stamped concrete vs composite decking

stamped concrete for pool decking vs travertine river

for the $ stamped concrete, if done well, can look great and last. travertine is super nice and super $ we had stamped concrete all around our pool no coping - stamped concrete looked awesome and for 15 years it looked great sold the house . it's a great look without coping - like this

decks vs. patios: how to choose whats right for you

a recent alternative to wooden decks are synthetic composite decks. this material is a blend of plastic and sawdust molded into the shape of standard lumber. while more expensive than wood, composite decking is just as attractive as wood while requiring no maintenance. the most common materials for patios are brick, cement, and stone.

wood deck vs pavers vs concrete

wood deck vs pavers vs concrete posted by sirsaintly on 11/5/17 at 4:08 pm. 1 1. you could build a composite wood deck i.e. seven trust deck that will last forever w/ no maintenance, especially if you use 4' square tubular steel for the posts. the stamped and stained concrete is better looking but still has a 'commercial office building' feel

patio - seven trust composite vs. concrete stamped, stained

good afternoon. does anyone know what is the san antonio metro area average square foot cost of a composite deck seven trust, evergrain installed versus a the square foot cost of a concrete patio including the concrete, stamp design, and sealant?

stamped concrete or exposed aggregate stamped concrete

stamped concrete or exposed aggregate is a question i get from a lot of customers. each is a good choice of course. cost is always a concern. i can say this, if your project has any size to it, the exposed will be less expensive.

composite decking vs concrete - wpc deck board

seven trust decking vs. stamped concrete for patio - the hull truth - similar to seven trust decking vs. stamped concrete for patio - the hull truth i am considering a 10x12 or 12x15 patio off my screened-in back porch. i was all ready to have the stamped concrete done and someone get prices which is cheaper: a deck or a patio?

pros and cons of different deck, porch and patio materials

this week we'll go over the pros and cons of these different deck, patio and porch materials: natural stone, concrete pavers, poured concrete, tile, brick, wood composite, and wood. when choosing the materials for the construction of your porch, deck or patio, the style of your home and your personal preference should definitely be considered.

stamped concrete vs. patio pavers: the concrete truth

most people who use stamped concrete get a textured pattern to better hide hairline cracks. also keep in mind that stamped concrete has a harder finish and therefore shows more wear and tear. with that, it can be more difficult to provide an exact match to the color and pattern of the original material each time a repair is needed.

which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? howstuffworks

which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? by laurie l ranging from stamped concrete to laid brick pavers. the cost of patio supplies will vary, depending on the materials selected. overall, a patio comprised of large pavers in a simple pattern will offer some savings over a deck built of wood or composite material. of course, there's no rule

stamped concrete: advantages and disadvantages home guides

stamped concrete: advantages and disadvantages 3 comparison of quartz composite versus it is difficult to match color and surface consistency when patching a normal concrete slab, and

best value pavers vs concrete vs decking - breaking ground

a primary consideration in the design of your patio is going to be the method of construction and material type. there are a number of types of patio construction and an unlimited number of variations and combinations, but for simple comparison purposes, the three we will cover are; wood decking, poured concrete, and pavers.