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which side of the garden fence is my responsibility

which side of the garden fence is my responsibility in my home includes diy i am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me. glad you like it the person responsible for maintaining the fence is the person that installed it.

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my neighbour is pressing me to repair the fence between our gardens. my deeds show i am responsible for the northern boundary and her deeds show she is responsible for her southern boundary. this

which fence on my property am i responsible for

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the neighbour is responsible for the costs of removal, but it is always best to talk to them about repairing it. your options are the same as the above, but you can ask them to remove the fence from your land and charge them with the cost of doing it if they will not. however if you do then you will certainly wind them up.

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as regards fences, the presumption is any posts will be on the owners side. therefore he/she is responsible for maintaining the fence. however, these are only presumptions and can be easily rebutted.

which part of the garden fence am i legally responsible

2 answers. the only way to know which fence/fences you are responsible for, is too look on your deeds. it might have the information on them in the form of a arrow, there is no left or right side rule. however at the end of the day, the fence needs replacing and it's normally best to try and come to an amicable agreement. if your neighbour is

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source s : usually in the uk you are responsible for fences which have the supports on your side of the fence. if your deeds are accessible the fence belonging to your property should be marked, but if not the above is a good guide. usually the end or rear of the property is yours that's looking from the back door .