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when the lumberyard gives you the price, enter it and the lineal feet you want, and theres your decking price. if ordering a large amount by board feet, just enter the total board feet needed and the price per board foot for the total price.

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work out how many square metres the area is, this is done by length x width e.g. 6 x 4 = 24m². to cover 1m² with ecodek composite decking you need 7.1 metres of material. therefore the next calculation is to work out how many linear metres is needed to cover this area m2 x 7.1 e.g. 24 x 7.1 = 170.4.

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next, we need to work out the total lineal metres of decking required. multiply the number of rows by the length of the deck again ensuring to allow for the fascia and the overhangs on both sides of the deck.

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once you have identified your decking site, you should . fix pegs in the ground, marking out the corners of your deck. use a builders line or string to attach the pegs and mark out the square dimensions of your structure. within these dimensions, clear away all rocks, weeds and vegetation.

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then times it by 2 because each decking board need 2 screw to fix it to each joist. i would then times it by 1.1 to add 10% to the total to take into account joins in your deck where 4 screws will be needed to fix to each joist. so you will need 2500 screws to fix 500lm of decking. its better to have a little more than not enough.

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if you suggest they work out the bf and just add 20% they might do that and realize they will have to buy a lot more wood later when they run out that they didnt account for. so when i workout how much lumber i need, i break down the project into each piece on a spreadsheet.

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once youve decided on the size and design of your decking, youll need to work out how many deck boards youre going to need to complete your project. to do this, we offer two easy-to-follow solutions - a decking calculator table or a simple equation. you don't need to do both, just choose your preferred method.

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the price im after doesnt allow for the steps or perhaps a ramp, but just the general gist of the main deck, i can work out the rest when its all underway foundation is for the 'new deck', but the top decking itself is for the whole area, as will be replacing the top of exisiting deck, new foundation heights will meet old ones.

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a guide to calculating decking area. once youve calculated the surface area of your deck, you need to add 5% to the total, to allow for wastage. in the example weve given, the calculation for wastage is 80m2 x 5% = 4m2. so, in this instance, youd need to order 80m2 4m2 = 84m2 of decking in total.

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how much decking do i need? first you need to work out your square meters. you do this by taking the length and width of your decking and times them by each other. say your decking is 6m x 4m = 24m2. to find out how many lineal meters you need, take your square meters and divide it by the width of the decking boards.

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step 1. start by working out the area of your desired decking area in square metres. to do this simply measure the area in metres and multiply the width by the depth. if the area you are decking is not a simple rectangle then you will need to divide it into rectangles and calculate each area individually.

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building a deck? how many screws do i need? the first process is explained here in how much decking do i need? blog entry. once you know the lineal meterage of decking required it is quite easy to approximate how many screws you will need. say you need 500lm of decking, divide that by .450 which is your standard joist spacing.

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if you need a visual aid, we also have an array of baluster installation videos available to help you out. first off, it's a good idea to take a look at the baluster spacing code before getting to work. in most instances, the gaps between the balusters also called spindles should not be greater than 4.

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with the frame of your deck built, one of the final steps is overlaying the substructure with decking materials. depending on the finished look you want to achieve, youll need to determine just how much material youll need to carry out your deck design plans .