how deep should deck posts be buried

how should i build the concrete footings for my deck

the deck code here says that the concrete footing must be 30 in below ground level and have a thickness of at least 8 inches i.e. to 22 inches below ground level . this which means the wood post is in the ground.

fence post depth ?

anywho, he called last night and wants to know how deep he should set fence posts. no cement, just cedar posts for a 48' stockade fence. six feet between posts. post will be 53' above ground. i immediately say 48' standard here in mass for below freeze . i guess he would really like to use eight foot posts because he's wondering if 43' is enough.

is a 1-foot deep hole strong enough to hold a post? home

digging holes correctly. dig 6 inches deeper for all posts, so that you can fill the bottom 6 inches with gravel to facilitate water drainage away from the bottom and reduce rot. dig the hole 10 to 12 inches wide. although you can use a shovel to accomplish this, posthole diggers and power augers make the job easier.

how should i build the concrete footings for my deck

how should i build the concrete footings for my deck? ask question asked 6 years, 5 months ago. footings here don't need to be deep so i often form my own square ones but sometimes i use bigfoot forms and i really like those. although shirlock's 'mushroom' method is more than adequate if you are only required 8' wide. how to keep buried

deck posts: buried or on top of footing?

the deck is ground level with a 2 x 12 structure. i dont build alot of decks, so im not sure if i should pour footings to the ground surface and attach the short posts on metal post bases or simplify things and dig my holes to 40' frost line here pour 12' of concrete, set the 6 x 6 pt posts on top of that and fill to ground level with dirt.

how much of a fence post should be buried?

fence posts are ideally buried at about one-third to one-half the size of the post that is above the ground. before the posts are buried, it is a good idea to treat the buried portion with a wood preservative in the case of wooden posts. fence posts are usually set between 6 and 8 feet, with the corner posts being set up first. keep learning.

why deck posts should not be set in concrete hometalk

why deck posts should not be set in concrete the photo on the left shows a post set in a bracket that has been mounted to the top of a footer. the photo on the right shows a post that has concrete poured around it, which can lead to a crack like you see here.

how to install a deck post

how do i install a deck post? deck posts must rest on something solid. the deck post must be connected to a concrete pier if possible using metal connectors and fasteners. how much do decks weigh? the average deck can weigh several tons or over 4,000 pounds. the amount of weight being transferred to two or three deck posts that are just 4x4s or even 6x6s is enormous.

q and a: how deep do we dig our post holes?

we often get asked how deep do we set our fence posts and dig our post holes. in this video we not only answer the question but we also show you. enjoy.

questions about deck footings and pier sizes for an

i am planning to build/rebuild a deck that is attached to the house and hangs over a daylight basement. the deck is about 9 ½ above the ground at its highest point. it appears that olympia, wa code requires 18 diameter footings 4 deep with 6 x 6 posts buried in the concrete a minimum of 3 ½.