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5 trusted types of cladding that will add style to your home

5 trusted types of cladding that will add style to your home. when planning a home reno or new-build, many of us will spend hours umming and aahing over different shades of white paint or selecting the perfect kitchen benchtop while paying little heed to whats happening outside.

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bevel-back horizontal timber weatherboards bevel-back weatherboards are known as a reasonably air leaky cladding system. even when the boards are direct-fixed, air can penetrate the assembly at the laps and circulate within the voids created by the lap at the back of the boards.

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flashclad's as/nzs 4284 testing was conducted as a watertight cladding system using a standard 20mm cavity depth achieving 4.500kpa. flashclad has proven to have one of the best tested watertight cladding and mechanical flashing systems available in new zealand.

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completely d esigned and manufactured in new zealand, you are supporting domestic craftsmanship by using our cladding. when you choose masada weatherboards, you are also investing in an environmentally friendly option that is 100% recyclable. if you're looking to reclad your home's exterior, masada is your one stop shop.

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our wall panels and cladding systems tick all the boxes. whether you are looking for architectural panels, house cladding or timber weatherboard for sale in, auckland, nz australia or across the globe, the suppliers at weathertex have you covered.

fire performance vinyl cladding

fire performance. plastic materials are increasingly used in environments requiring high-levels of fire performance. mitten vinyl cladding has excellent performance characteristics in fire situations. due to its chlorine base, vinyl cladding's makeup ensures that it does not ignite quickly and is inherently flame retardant.

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let us help you solve the battle of the cladding and choose the right type for you. history of cladding in nz. new zealand homes traditionally used weatherboard or brick cladding depending during the 1900s. bungalows came out of the villa movement, with large wide verandas and external walls covered with weatherboard.

masada durable and stylish upvc cladding new zealand

along with our d5 masada weatherboards, we also offer our state-of-the-art masada soffit for eave linings. like the d5 board, the soffit board is uv protected, lightweight and easy to install. and best of all it is maintenance free no need to ever paint masada soffit is available in white.

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plastic a proprietary plastic vertical plank cladding became available during the 1970s. some of the original cladding discoloured and was replaced by the company. early in the 1980s, horizontal plank interlocking plastic weatherboards became available.

palliside - weatherboard system, low-maintenance, pre-finished

a. palliside generally is less expensive than painted timber, high-end fibre cement weatherboards and cedar. although material costs may be similar, savings are made with palliside, as the installation is generally much quicker than other weatherboards.

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weatherboard cladding our external pvc cladding is a popular, versatile and maintenance free option for covering external elevations. it comes in a variety of colours and cladding panels can be fixed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally should the design require.

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nu-wall is an extruded aluminium weatherboard system which has been designed and developed in new zealand and is manufactured locally for supply to construction projects throughout australasia and around the world. our products as the leading aluminium weatherboard cladding brand, nu-wall sets the standard in modern wall construction and design.