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a cable railing system gets installed outside. a gas stove goes in the living room; it will become a focal point at night, when water views are no longer visible.

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cable railing hardware: bundles & kits for wood posts

cable railing wood post kits are the ideal choice for outdoor spaces. the railing hardware will secure your deck or balcony railing for years to come. hardware for stairs is a great modern choice — because it’s simple to assemble and it is perfect for the diy homeowner.

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wood - cable railing framework. wood framed railing in pdf format. how to design a wood frame with cable railing as an in-fill. 1. construction and location of your end (terminating) posts. an end post is a post to which terminating cable ends are attached with tensioning or nontensioning hardware.

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wood posts & components - balau mahogany is a naturally strong and beautiful exotic wood native to asia and the pacific. our responsible supplier selects only the finest specimens of balau and engineers them into stronger, more consistent boards. this involves bonding wood fiber together to produce a larger and stronger end result that's easier to work with, easier to maintain, and longer

cable bullet wood post cable railing

the cable bullet wood post cable railing collection is ideal for both interior and exterior residential wood post decks, fences, and stairways. the simplicity of the cable bullet patent pending tensioning system makes this collection perfect for homeowners and professional installers alike.