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with the right staking or caging, many veggies, like the beans or snow peas, can easily be grown in a container, and even corn will do well in a pot. some veggie plants do well in a hanging basket or can be grown in a frame tacked to the wall of the house. companion planting is another great deck vegetable garden idea.

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we had a very large space we needed to enclose, as we paved around the three raised beds we built. this meant we needed 20 posts for the fence of our enclosure and the roof supports and 12 landscape poles for the fence posts. if you have a smaller area to cover, you wont need so much lumber. step three: build your fence

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evaluate your roof's loading capacity. the loading capacity is how much weight your roof structure can support. this will include your plants, plant containers, furniture, equipment, visitors, and weather loads like snow. contact a structural engineer to discuss your roof garden and how much your roof can handle.

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learn how to build a raised vegetable garden for growing a variety of plants in your own backyard. a step by step guide showing the complete process for building a raised vegetable garden.

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roof deck and garden is an all-in-one design/build experience for residential and commercial outdoor living spaces. with a vast knowledge of roof deck construction and urban landscape plants and materials, rdg provides the best solution to withstand the harsh elements.

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creating an edible green roof on a garage. prepare your roof structurally. ensure it meets municipal building and safety requirements for a green roof. also, check that your roof membrane can support walking and plantersyou dont want to risk a leak flat roofs are best. build planters to hold soil

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rooftop vegetable gardening guide. selecting vegetables for rooftop gardening ideal crops for rooftop gardening should be durable, and capable of resisting wind and other potentially inclement conditions. plants with thin, 'crisp' stems should be avoided. root vegetables, including carrots, beets, turnips, and rutebegas,

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if you are going to do some vegetable gardening using containers, tables, planters, or bags, and you don't have a ton of space to work with, here are some things to consider: maximize sunlight: with small spaces, particularly balconies, plants can suffer from a lack of light. there are ways to deal with this, primarily by noticing where the light comes from and maximizing it.

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how to make a rooftop garden. try to use as little weight as possible. use plastic, fiberglass or foam planting containers and avoid using pavers. use lightweight potting soil rather than garden dirt. use styrofoam peanuts for drainage rather than rocks or pottery shards.

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one of the challenges in building a deck on a roof like this thats unlevel is the deck needs to be level. now, unlike your backyard that may be unlevel when youre building a deck, you can set your post and adjust your framing nice and level.

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roof garden vs. green roof. 1. into the concrete walls is bolted an 8×12 laminated beam to support the weight in the centre see photo in point 3. then a double 2×12 joist, 16-on-centre construction. 22 x 24 is the size of the roof. 2. 3/4 tongue-and-groove plywood for the roof deck 3.

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rooftop vegetable gardening guide: vegetable organic farming survival. rooftop gardening is similar to other types of container gardening with some notable exceptions. the first is the wind conditions that are inherent to such locations. unlike ground-level spots like patios,

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2. dip in the pool roof garden. what can be more relaxing and soothing than enjoying a roof garden pools pleasure on a hot summer afternoon. with specific pool requirements and required roofs stability, firmness and provision of drainage system, a roof garden having a cool pool can be craft-fully structured. source. 3. cedar patio rooftop garden

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the best seed in the world will go to waste if the soil is severely lacking in nutrients, moisture and air, not to mention the beneficial microbes that help keep a garden healthy. here are some tips for how to prepare soil for a garden and make sure your vegetable garden succeeds.