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is my reputation ruined? i think my reputation is ruined, here's the story: in kindergarten, i had a crush on my cousin, his friend, and 2 guys in the class. in the classroom, i always acted like i was better than everyone else. i had over-confidence. also, i always tattletaled. all the time. i always hung with the 2 dorks, the one with the really bad rep.

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if anyone is trying to ruin your reputation, and it happens to all of us, you have to hold your own and set them strht. i don't even stay near people like that, they are damaged themselves, and

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damage to someones reputation or confidence. calumny noun. very formal a comment about someone that is not fair or true and is intended to damage their reputation. dirt noun. informal information about someone that could damage their reputation if people knew about it. discredit noun.

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a wise man once said, 'it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.' dr. phil talks with guests whose lives have been destroyed by rumors and gossip. high school torment hannah, 17, says that since seventh gra

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it is hard and time consuming to build a reputation, but quick and easy to ruin it. consistency is crucial to firmly establishing your reputation. consistency is crucial to firmly establishing your reputation.

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and we look to these things our profiles, our ability to compare, our reputations as sources of confidence because we are trying to mitigate our own self-hatred. really, reputation rage is often hatred of others for unveiling our own self-hatred; for ruining the machinations weve set in place to distract us from our own self-loathing.

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when narcissists strike out to ruin your reputation, it may leave you feeling extremely vulnerable and hurt. if this is a personal relationship scenario, there are certain steps you can take to mitigate what the narcissist is doing.

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six years ago i ruined my reputation and many burned bridges; irreparable damage. to this day i haven't forgiven myself and neither have those who i've offended and hurt. no one will accept my apology; no one. the gossip has gotten so bad, that i've relocated several times in order to start fresh and put my past behind me.

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the gossip, rumors, and slander are ruining my reputation and damaging my career. despite team coaching, the behavior and the storytelling has not stopped. unfortunately, many people are starting to believe the stories that are being told.

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i have no idea why he's waging a campn against me now. it seems like lou is trying to ruin my reputation and i'm very stressed about it. what can i do?

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mine is a smear campn and it's ruining the reputation of our family but most important our teenage daughters. it's amongst a church group and the rumors have spread like wildfire. we cannot get away from the narcissist and our narcissist has enlisted the help of 2 other narcissists and have multiple flying monkies.

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is my reputation ruined? i created a new account because recently someone was tracked down due to their post history and i'm posting this on a vpn within a vpn using starbucks wifi because i really don't want to be tracked down.

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i see two paths that will work for you: path 1: direct. ask the person who is spreading the rumors and causing your name to be sullied, what their intentions are and how you've offended them and try to repair the rift in your relationship, if you

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my ex destroyed my reputation. its been over a year since we broke up and im now realizing what he has done to my reputation. he has completely ruined it. i'll go back to when i ended it with him. we were together for four years and in those four years i didn't realize how he manipulated me. he lied, cheated, and verbally abused me.

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r/prorevenge reddit where he said he was going to ruin my reputation, i destroyed his life. my roommate couldnt respect mine and our neighbors wishes to stop in the house, after multiple visits

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one of these people i can tell is probably jealous because i can animate and she cant while the rest just flat out hate me and want to ruin my reputation by spreading lies about me. this is honestly why im sick of deviantart and i cant wait to watch it die.

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how to rebuild a bad reputation. gossiping is such a popular way for people to spend their time, and tragically, the damage it can do spreads like a virus, until someones reputation is seriously damaged. you may feel like theres no chance to counteract the horrible things they are saying. its going to take some time, but trust me, you can rebuild your reputation.