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dot/faa/ar-05/14 polymer flammability

flame-retardant plastics 1 . the designations flame-retardant, flame resistant, or ignition resistant as it applies to these plastics typically refer to the tendency of a thin 2- to 3-mm strip of the material to withstand a brief exposure to a bunsen burner flame or a hot wire without continuing to burn.

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ul flame rating is ul 94v-0 astm d 3801 . this means that the product is self-extinguishing and will not support burning. test results show cantex rigid nonmetallic conduit has an astm e 84 flame spread index fsi of 15 to 20 and a smoke developed index sdi of 765 to 805.

cpvc piping systems for use in plenums 6-20-17

shall have a flame spread index not to exceed 25 and a smoke developed index not to exceed 50, when tested as a composite product in accordance with astm e 84 or ul 723. 2015 international mechanical code imc 602.2.1 materials within plenums.

pvc and fire

rigid pvc has an oxygen index of 45-50, compared to 21-22 for wood and 17-18 for most thermoplastics. oxygen index values above 27 can easily be attained with flexible pvc. the significance of this is that most rigid and flexible pvc will not burn alone without the application of heat from another source.


pvc schedule 80 pipe shall be iron pipe size ips conforming to astm d 1785. injection molded pvc schedule 80 fittings shall conform to astm d 2467. pvc schedule 80 threaded fittings shall conform to astm d 2464. pipe and fittings shall be manufactured as a system and be the product of one manufacturer.

flammability testing and ratings for plastics

glow wire testing can be conducted using two methods: glow wire flammability index. flame or glowing must self extinguish within 30 seconds after removal of the glow wire. glow wire ignition temperature. no flame or glowing for more than 5 seconds while the glow wire is applied.

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oped index of 50 when tested to ul 723 test for surface burning characteristics of building materials astm e84 . using the steiner tunnel test apparatus, test speci-mens measuring a nominal 2-ft wide by 24-ft long are subjected to a 4-1/2 foot long flame. the time for flame progression is measured and calculated as a flame spread index.

what is the flame spread rating?

what is the flame spread rating? many factors influence fire spread within buildings, and one of the most important is the interior finish material. back in the late 1940s and early 1950s combustible acoustical tile used on ceilings was of serious consequence in loss of life in building fires.

flame-spread rating of abs pipe int'l plumbing, mech'l

i checked with an abs manufacturer and they said that abs will burn continuously when ignited and therefore a flame spread test has not been done. since it burns when ignited, it would definitly exceed the 75 flame spread rating.

understanding flame spread index

understanding flame spread ratings painttech. interior paints and coatings have been found to have no effect on the flame spread index or smoke density index of rated materials. for example, if the gypsum drywall is rated class a, whether painted or unpainted, the substrate classification remains class a.

flame spread index

flame spread index there is a common misconception about the flame spread index fsi . in common usage, materials are classified by range of the flame spread index, such as 25 or less, 76-200, etc. however, we sometimes see cooling tower specifications requiring very specific values or ranges for flame spread, such as 10 or less.

pvc pipe specifications

harvel pvc pipe is non-electrolytic fire performance flammability rating v-0 ul-94 flame spread index <10 flame spread 0-25 ulc smoke generation 80-225 ulc flash ignition temp. 730 f average time of burning sec. <5 astm d635 average extent of burning mm <10 burning rate in/min self extinguishing

physical properties of pvc and cpvc pipe physical properties

gf harvel pvc and cpvc pipe is non-electrolytic fire performance flammability rating v-0 v-0,5vb,5va ul-94 flame spread index <10 <10 astm e162 flame spread 0-25 <25 astm e-84/ul 723 <25 ulc smoke generation 80-225 < 50 astm e-84/ul 723 <50 ulc flash ignition temp. 730 f 900 f average time of burning sec. <5 <5 astm d635

ul 94 flame classifications

ul 94 flame classifications ul94 flame ratings ul, 94 v-0, v-1, hb, 5v underwriters laboratory ratings for plastic materials. order plastic sheets, rods, tubing and films from professional plastics website.

seven trust seven trust receives class 'a' flame spread index

its unique beauty and aesthetics within capped pvc decking clearly set a new standard for looks and performance. but thats not all. based on recent testing, seven trust seven trust has received a class a flame spread index. the designation of a class a flame spread index, one of the best ratings possible, means these materials are among

corzan cpvc fire performance

flame spread and smoke generation the flame spread and smoke generation characteristics of corzan cpvc materials have been evaluated by a number of recognized test methods. flammability of corzan cpvc has been tested in accordance with ul 94, which is used for determining the flammability of plastic materials used in the components and parts of finished products.

physical properties for pvc and cpvc pipe schedule 40 and

flame spread rating. flame spread. smoke generation. flash ignition temp. average time of burning sec average extent of burning mm burning rate in/min softening starts approx material becomes viscous. material carbonizes. limiting oxygen index loi clean room materials flammability test . v-0 <10. 0-25. 80-225. 730 f <5 <10. self-extinguishing. 250 f. 350 f. 425 f . n/a

25/50 smoke-safe pvc specification data

physical properties. property test method value speedline smoke safe pvc. flame spread astm e84 25 or less smoke developed astm e84 50 or less specific gravity astm 792 1.46 tensile strength yield lb./in.2 astm d638 7,000 tensile modulus psi astm d638 400,000 izod impact- ft.lb./in.

plenum ratings for flowguard gold pipe lubrizol

the following ratings were obtained and have been found to meet the 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed requirements: ½ - 2 water-filled flowguard gold cpvc pipe and fittings have a flame spread index of no more than 5 and a smoke developed index of no more than 35