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about 57 miles of metal fence 15 to 18 feet high was constructed in and around el paso as a result of the secure fence act of 2006. wall construction started in mid-2008 and finished in mid-2009

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border fence built in mexico by mistake june 29, 2007 / 10:52 pm / ap the 1.5-mile barrier along the u.s.-mexico border was designed to keep cars from illegally crossing into the united states.

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now trump plans to build a possibly bigger deterrent. the existing fence along the el paso sector, which is made of a combination of corrugated steel and metal meshing, towers 21-feet high at some

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trump's 2020 campn debuted the slogan "finish the wall" at his first rally of 2019 in el paso, texas. at one point during his speech, the crowd began cheering "build that wall." trump responded, "now, you really mean 'finish that wall,' because we've built a lot of it,” though he did not share numbers with the thousands of people in

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migrants stand together along the u.s.-mexican border fence as they wait to turn themselves over to the u.s. border patrol on february 12, 2019 in el paso, texas. patrol until a wall is built.

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violent crime in el paso before and after border fence: column. the debate surrounding violent crime in el paso and its relation to a wall or barrier is a complex one.

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that is a strht-up lie about el paso, which was one of america’s safest large cities for violent crime before the fencing was erected and did not immediately see crime fall after the fence

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el paso got its own version of a border wall in 2008. many there aren't sure it helped anything. business. it will be taller than the 18-to-21-foot-tall fence in el paso.

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was el paso one of the ‘most dangerous cities’ in u.s. before a border fence was built? what did make a difference was a flood of border patrol agents, who began operation hold the line in 1993.