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composite decking is just as easy as wood to use. just like wood it can be cut and shaped. cutting composite decking is simple. here are some directions to follow: when cutting composite decking you should use special carbide-tipped saw blades. these blades should have eighteen to twenty-four teeth per inch. cutting composite decking holes for screws can be tricky unless you use self-tapping deck screws.

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cut pvc trim boards with the same hand and power tools that you use for wood. but use only carbide-tipped saw blades; plain steel ones will dull quickly. in general, the more teeth a blade has, the smoother the cut edges will be.

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smear a little cement on both surfaces and then clamp or screw the joint together. wipe off any excess right away with a damp rag. unlike pvc pipe cement, pvc trim cement is water soluble and wont melt finished surfaces if you remove it immediately.

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my favorite way to cut composite decking nd tools needed. how to install composite deck boards pvc vinyl decking installation with cost analysis - duration: 17:11.

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if you are using hidden deck fasteners, there may be occasions when you need to cut a groove into a square edge deck board. it is a very easy process if you follow the proper steps. the following video will show you how to groove any square edge deck board including: seven trust¾ deck. seven trust¾ legacy. seven trust¾ earthwood evolutions¾.

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step 3. place a piece of scrap wood -- plywood works well -- beneath the pvc sheet if you're going to be drilling all the way through the sheet. drilling through the sheet into a second material will prevent damage when breaking through the pvc.

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types of cuts. if you are cutting a bulk of material, such as boards for a deck or fence, you may want a saw that cuts quickly and accurately without much trouble. the table saw, circular saw and miter saw are your best bets. all three have circular blades ranging from 7 1/4 to 12 inches in diameter.

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people choose wood plastic composite wpc or even plastic lumber pl over wood because they want the finished project to resist rot, wood-eating insects, harsh sunlight, and mold and mildew, and

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the pvc can easily be cut with a jigsaw, using predrilled holes at the intersection of the cuts to allow room to turn the jigsaw blade. the notches cut in the deck boards can be concealed with 4-by-4 pvc trim pieces included with genovas rail system, which slide over the posts and collar them at the bottom.

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constructed with tico hi-density special-blend carbide, this durable blade is outfitted with 44 teeth to make smooth, finely finished cuts in deck boards, giving outdoor retreats a polished look. the perma-shield nonstick coating reduces drag while stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibration to keep the blade strht.

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in cold weather, make it a little larger. fill gaps using manufacturer recommended sealant. just like with wood use a scarf joint to join pvc trim boards. a scarf is made from two opposing miters that are glued together with manufacturer recommended cement. pvc cement is used on any joint that doesnt require an expansion gap.