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what is the best material for building a deck around a pool? the best decking material depends on your needs. for an above-ground pool, composite tends to be ideal. in-ground alternatives may work best with concrete, stone, or wood. make your choice based on your budget, aesthetic preference, and maintenance needs.

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deck materials come in a large range of prices, and some options are more cost-effective than others. the main types of pool deck materials are: concrete; brick; natural stone; pavers; tile; wood or composite; tile, wood and composite decks are not as convenient as concrete, brick or stone varieties, and they can be more difficult to maintain.

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flagstone decking. another pool deck material frequently used by pool builders. flagstone is a slab of natural paving, with earth-toned colors, textures, and is idyllic for pool decking. some of the advantages of flagstone decking include a non-slip surface, moisture, and heat resistant, and resists continuous use.

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there are many materials to choose from. keep reading for advice on how to decide which material is best for your pool deck. concrete. traditionally, concrete is the most popular option for pool decking material because its easy to maintain and affordable. another bonus is that it doesnt get too hot in warmer temperatures and generally feels good on the feet.

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the best natural stones to use for pool decks by vince sandri · published 06/25/2015 · updated 12/04/2017 swimming pools are a nice addition to a home, especially when the weather starts to reach high temperatures at the start of the summer.

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you also have the other extreme of the blazing hot afternoon sun heating up the pool deck to where swimmers or sunbathers feel their feet are being scalded. this is where you get the best of all worlds with foam rubber blended pool decking. this type of pool decking offers by far the best slip resistance.

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when you are investing in a new pool, you have several decisions to make regarding the style and design of your pool.this includes deciding which material is best suited for your pool deck or pool patio . your pool deck is where you will house your pool furniture, lounge chairs, tables, and more.

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another very popular choice for pool owners seeking the natural look is flagstone. flagstone has grown in use recently as both a coping and decking material. flagstone has various natural colors able to fit into almost any color scheme, and a naturally rough texture to prevent slipping.

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how to choose pool deck and patio materials things to consider when choosing materials. concrete. brick. pavers. wood. stone. tile. mixed materials. artificial turf. synthetic decking.

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people will spend as much time at the area around the pool as they will swimming in it. this means that choosing the right decking or patio material for your pool deck is a big decision. here are some of the options that are available to you and the pros can cons for choosing them. concrete. poured concrete is a traditional finish for many pool decks.

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pool deck throwdown. all of these pool deck materials can become slippery when wet, especially tile, but with concrete there are several ways to improve the surface traction without detracting from the decorative appearance. these include the use of broomed or exposed aggregate finishes, putting down a textured overlay,