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cheap non combustible decking in supplier . composite decking boards: 25 year warranty , 31 aug 2018 , uk composite decking is a leading supplier of solid composite decking , unlike cheap decking boards, that have a limited life span, our, regulations, multi fuel stoves, online building supplies , a stove must stand on a non-combustible hearth

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non-combustible external balcony decking & paving systems. introducing an entirely new range of non-combustible materials from envirobuild, with solutions for every project. the class a fire rated systems make no compromise on quality or sustainability and are supported by an on-hand expert team.

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cbc chapter 7a also allows the use of certain “combustible” materials for a deck’s walking surface, including wood, wood-plastic, and plastic deck boards, provided that when exposed to flames or brands, they meet minimum performance requirements established by the office of the state fire marshal (osfm) and spelled out in sfm standards 12

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but there aren't currently any wood, plastic, or wood-plastic composite deck sheets that have a noncombustible than all of the plastic and composite decking products we tested. non-combustible deck - materials and pricing/ plus terrace - similarto non-combustible deck - materials and pricing/ plus terrace feb 28, 2013 any thoughts on non

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there is no composite, pvc or wood decking that carries anything better then a class b. seven trust xlm has a "30" flame spread rating which is a class b. seven trust: 30 flame spread rating (results vary depending on test and type of exotic hardwood) i need to find a decking product that is classified 1 (or a) flame spread i.e. non-combustible