water diversion system for decks

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the dek drain topside system is installed after the posts, beams and joists are in place, but before the decking is installed. dek drain topside is designed to channel water into a collection gutter creating a complete water diversion system. the cost is based on the size of the deck and ranges $4.00 $5.00 per square foot.

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if your deck is on an upper level, a deck drainage system will help direct water to the deck's perimeter and into gutters. learn how to install a deck drainage system at decks.com.

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dek drain topside is designed for new construction. the panels are attached to the top of the joists before the deck boards are fastened down. an added benefit of the topside system is deck frame protection. underside for existing decks. the underside product is installed under existing decks.

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designed to respond to the needs of building professionals and homeowners, undershield is easy to install to new or existing decks, and will maintain unobstructed air flow when properly installed. panels can run parallel or perpendicular to the home, and an easy-to-use clip creates the desired pitch. low maintenance water diversion system

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