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the standard heights range from three to five inches high, the choice of which depends on how much protrusion above the soil is desired. for stability and to best contain creeping grass roots, it is recommended to submerge metal edging two to three inches below grade. this usually will allow a sufficient edge above ground to retain mulch or gravel.

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most homeowners dont put enough thought into the edging material for their driveway. not only does it contain the gravel but it also can serve as a decorative border. heath likes to use belgian block along the edges of the gravel driveways he designs. when edging a driveway, the jumbo blocks that measure 11 x 8 x 4 are best, he says.

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push stones or brick close together if you are building a stone or brick edging. place a wood block over the top edge of plastic, rubber or metal edging and tap it lightly with a hammer to push the edging into place. 7. pour gravel into the pathway, then rake it with a metal rake to level it.

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edging is an essential part of constructing a stable gravel driveway, helping to contain the loose stones so they dont become a hazard. however, edging an entire driveway is often incredibly expensive.

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to contain the gravel, set the edging 1 in. higher than the path. anchor it with the metal stakes provided. metal edging is available in green or brown painted steel or aluminum in 8-ft. and 16-ft. lengths.

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once you have selected the right edging material for your driveway, the next step for how to edge a gravel driveway, is to decide how high you want the edge to be. some homeowners choose to simply lay a single layer of edging, to contain the gravel, whilst others opt to construct a small wall to completely separate the drive from their garden.

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steel edging. steel edging is recommended for those who want to use a loose stone, such as gravel, but don't want to spend the money on expensive edging. steel edging can be masked with shrubs, or decorative steel edging can be used instead. steel edging is more cost-effective as well when compared to other forms of edging.

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i want to make a brick edged circle containing gravel and with a round mosaic in the middle. can anyone tell me how to go about laying the bricks and gravel please ? i have marked out the circle using string from the centre - do i now place the bricks round the edge on sand or do i cement them in please ?

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in order to contain the pea gravel to the area where it is intended for use its wise to make use of an edging material that will hold the stones in place. buy pea gravel from a stone supplier. although pea gravel can be bought from big box retailers, there are other alternatives to buying pea gravel, especially when being bought in bulk.

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everedge flexible steel lawn edging is the solution to the age old problem of maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, paths, driveways and flower or vegetable beds. it can flex or be bent to easily fit the curve of almost any lawn, path or bed. everedge lawn edging can be used in a variety of soil conditions and, once it's installed, is tough, weather resistant and maintenance free.

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edging your gravel driveway: further considerations. some homeowners choose to simply lay a single layer of edging, to contain the gravel, whilst others opt to construct a small wall to completely separate the drive from their garden. for a single layer, especially with heavy edging materials like bricks or concrete blocks, you can easily just place the edging around the driveway, creating a border.

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whatever type of patio or path you buildconcrete, brick, pavers or loose materialssome type of edging is necessary. these borders serve three main purposes: contain the patio or path. serve as a decorative element. act as a transition between the hardscape and the garden softscape .

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when it comes to edging a gravel driveway, you'll need to first rake the gravel away from the grass before leveling the driveway. impress neighbors with help from a head groundskeeper in this free

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they help prevent grass from migrating onto any sidewalks, gravel, or mulched areas along the edges of your lawn. they also help keep ground covers like ivy from migrating onto your lawn. finally, they help provide clean, clear edges for your mower or trimmer to keep the grass cut neat and trim.

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add the edging or border along the perimeter. choose a type of edging material for your gravel patio to contain the pebbles in one place. for example, if using wood as a gravel barrier, cut pieces of 2×2 lumber according to the shape and size of your patio.

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how to lay a retainer edge course using block pavers bedded onto concrete, as used for path, driveway and lawn edgings. the example shows a single width brick edging which is sometimes referred to

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some homeowners put borders or edging around them to add design and style and contain the gravel. gravel moving from your driveway into your yard can inflict serious harm. for instance, stones can damage the blades of lawnmowers and be lifted into the air, potentially harming cars and people.

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how to line a gravel driveway lay edging stones along both sides of the driveway where the grass and driveway come into contact. score the ground on both sides of the edging stones with an edging shovel. dig a trench on both sides of the driveway between the two score lines. smooth the bottom and