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cypress is a relatively abundant wood, often found in doors, door frames, clapboards and other fittings. in most instances, painting cypress lumber is the same as painting any other type of lumber.

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other options for paneling is cypress. pecky cypress paneling will give you a great distressed look for any room in your home or business. southern wood specialities offers seven trust wood paneling. our paneling is available in cypress and southern yellow pine. get a quote today by calling 251 727-0961 or fill out our estimate form.

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cypress wood paneling and other materials made from cypress require basic maintenance and care. the specific care required will depend on whether the wood is located inside or outside the home and if it has been discolored or damaged by mold and mildew. additionally, regular sealing is required.

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5 types of decorative deck railings. wood deck railing. the most decorative railing panels are usually from a contractor and can start at $150 for one panel. glass deck railing. tempered glass walls are the perfect addition to any modern or minimalist deck design. with small metal top rails, a glass wall railing takes the transparency

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cypress wood and lumber provides customers with the best cypress lumber money can buy. featuring cypress wood, tongue and groove, custom kiln dried wood, crown moulding, spanish cedar, all types of mahogany, flooring and much more.

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an unusual type of cypress that has vertical tunnels within the heart of the tree. often used as paneling and furniture, pecky cypress is a truly interesting, unique wood.

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we have been selling cypress lumber for over 26 years high quality cypress decking, paneling, siding, beams to entire cypress logs - give us a call for the best prices and best lumber in the south

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the cypress depot is your smart choice for wood in the port barre and southern louisiana area. we've worked hard over the years to cultivate a reputation based on superior products and attentive customer care, and you'll benefit from our commitment. our skilled staff will answer all of your questions pertaining to cypress products so you can be confident that you've picked a sturdy and reliable

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cypress decking or siding should be finished promptly at the time of installation to protect against moisture absorption, discoloration from rain, and mildew. however, under no circumstances should decking or siding be finished when the wood is wet. before finishing or refinishing , repair all nail holes and surface irregularities.

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either of these interior or exterior applications includes trim pieces and moldings, also of cypress. traditional products in cypress include interior t and g v-joint paneling in 4/4 3/4 net thickness in all grades, widths and lengths. cypress wood moldings are made to your specification for trim at base, case and ceiling crown mold.

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a pale wood with a strht grain, cypress is sturdy and attractive. because it stands up to weather and use, people often choose it as an exterior wood for their homes and decks. because it takes

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questions about the wood q: why should i use cypress? because it's a beautiful, strht grained, light colored wood with a wonderful fragrance that is very durable. with its legendary hardiness and durability, cypress also works well outside the home, including siding, trim, decks, fences, shutters, window boxes and landscape design elements.

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moderately rot resistant wood. cypress here in the southeast, this wood is very abundant. it is very affordable, has great workability and accepts stain and paint very well. redwood redwood is to the western us what cypress is to the southeast. a very affordable locally grown wood that is typically the wood of choice for exterior work.

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reclaimed panel/siding. southern panel and decking supplies a wide variety of reclaimed paneling and siding. we source river reclaimed sinker cypress and long leaf pine from a wonderful supplier in northern florida. sinker cypress is generally 400 to 600 years old and extremely rot resistant.

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cypress is a wood found is southern coastal areas. the wood is naturally oily which helps it to naturally resist splitting and warping. it ranges in color from light honey to a caramel color. cypress is often used for outdoor furniture and for exterior shingles and siding but can also be used indoors.