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how do i work around a tree in my fence line?

it's a wooden fence, wooden posts. the posts for the most part were put in concrete, and are fairly secure. the problem comes with not being able to run an unbroken span past the tree, since it's directly in the fence line; since the goal of the fence is privacy, i'd like to get as close as possible to the tree. morganpdx dec 20 '10 at 17:36

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by simply moving the center positioning line down the middle of the gate you will change the diameter or arc creating smaller or lower curves.

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building a scallop on a wood fence. mark an 8 drop at this location. if doing an overscallop, mark an 8 drop at each post location. if doing an underscallop, place your conduit at the top of the fence. fix it at the top of each post and then apply pressure that forces the conduit to flex and drop between the posts.

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some of todays fence builders will use chain link top fence rails and a powered conduit bender to make the arc from post-to-post. then they attach the wooden panels onto the rails. there is a formula for bending large radii using a conduit bender. like a 5 degree bend every 7 inches will create a certain overall radius .

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pivot the string and pencil from the panel's top center down to the right until the curve dn by the pencil intersects the bottom horizontal line. repeat this procedure to d the left side of