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the north carolina building code and associated volumes are currently in force throughout the state. the greensboro engineering and inspections department does not have copies of these publications for distribution or sale. for copies of the codes,

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n.c. state building code. section 315. handrails and guardrails . 315.1 handrails. handrails having minimum and maximum heights of 30 inches and 38 inches 762 mm and 965 mm , respectively, measured vertically from the nosing of the treads, shall be provided on at least one side of stairways of four or more risers.

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the provisions of this code. all such landings whether at the top or bottom of the stairs, which are greater than thirty-six 36 square feet in area are considered to be decks and shall be constructed in accordance with the north carolina residential code current edition .

§ 143-138. north carolina state building code.

§ 143-138. north carolina state building code. a preparation and adoption. the building code council may prepare and adopt, in accordance with the provisions of this article, a north carolina state building code. before the adoption of the code, or any part of the code, the council shall hold at least one public hearing.

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north carolina state building code volume i-b residential 1and 2 family dwellings adopted by the north carolina building code council in accordance with act of the general assembly of 1957, chapter 1138 g.s. 143-136 through 143-143 adopted march 12, 1968 1968 edition with amendments thru december 10, 1985 published by the north carolina

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north carolina building codes for deck railings plants and flowers by location building inspector drew kelly inspects hand made two-story building at turtle island which code books

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i have the residential codes book and cannot find the chapter on interior stairs. the codes dept. is less than helpful. help please :- if anyone has the interior residential stair building code, please can you share it? i know risers have an 8 1/4' max, and railings a 36' max, but not sure of all the other specifics.

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irc stair railing code the international residential code for one-and two-family dwellings irc and the international building code ibc address staircase railings. these are two 'model' codes and are offered as suggested guidelines for local code authorities to follow at their discretion.

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code regulations for stairs use measurement proportions to determine the safest heights, rise and treads for a staircase. north carolina does not have a uniform building code for all counties. each locale can require different measurements for the length, tread and rise of the stairs so be sure to check with your local government authority.

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nc deck building codes. building a deck requires careful planning. regardless of the material you use, you need to be aware that north carolina has strict guidelines for deck building. nc building code requirements for decks. if you plan on building a deck on your own, we still recommened seeking the advice of a professional deck builder.

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2006 north carolina building code based on the 2003 ibc 2004 north carolina accessibility code: ncbc chapter 11 effective on 1/1/2010: ncbc ch. 11, deleted from 1/1/2002 through 12/31/2009 while nc had a certified accessibility code, became enforceable on 1/1/2010.

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in north carolina, a variety of regulations govern the construction of handrails and define what a handrail is. any business or home with ramps or stairs needs to review these requirements to ensure construction projects are within code for both personal safety and compliance reasons.

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deck railings must meet building codes to pass inspection. next article: deck railing height requirements. comments and questions add new comment. where in the irc is it stated that you must design deck or balcony railings to resist any specific lateral force such as you describe in your article. there's no such requirement in the irc.

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north carolina building codes for deck railings are the same as any other state's. the codes are based on the international building code and the international residential building code, and deck railings and guards must meet or exceed the minimum requirements.

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stair codes: stair, railing, guardrail, handrail, landing and platform building design and build specifications: summaries of stair and railing code and design specifications quoted from model building codes. for each stair specification and code citation we include links to in-depth articles providing more details. this article series lists all major building code specifications for stairs, railings

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north carolina 2009 residential code changes continued from the november issue of north carolina builder highlights on changes between the 2006 and 2009 north carolina residential code the north carolina building code council will meet march 9-10, 2009, at wake county commons building, 4011 carya drive, raleigh, nc 27610.

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the 2018 electrical code will become effective april 1, 2018. remember, the newly adopted 2018 nc building code, once it clears rules review, is like any other code amendment and can be used as an alternate method prior to the effective date if requested by the user. reference nc administrative code section 102.5.

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north carolina building code for stairs the north carolina building code provides the minimum requirements for stairs to be considered safe for use. using the proper measurements for stairs creates a safe stepping distance that feels natural to the person using the staircase. purpose code