how to build a deck with roof without attaching to the home

how to attach a deck to a house this old house

in this video, this old house general contractor tom silva explains how to attach a deck to a house. steps: 1 remove old ledger and flashing, then inspect plywood sheathing for rot; patch sheathing, if necessary. 2 cover sheathing with two layers of adhesive-backed flashing.

how to attach a patio roof to an existing house

the blocking is held low, to hide the roof/wall intersection and to provide a 1 inch air space at the top for a ventilation channel. at the beam end, the rafters are fastened with a 10 inch structural screw through the top of the rafter into the beam. the roof deck is 1x6 attached to the top of the rafters with 1/4 inch space between boards.

building a patio deck cover

building a patio deck cover rednecks gone wild. how to build a shed. cut and assemble roof rafters how to build a deck: attaching the ledger board - duration:

what to consider when adding a roof to a deck or patio

the best way to cover a deck or patio is by building a permanent roof over it thats attached to your home. while it may be more expensive than a temporary cover or awning, a roof will last longer and add value to your home.

how to build a shed roof over a deck

flat roofs are more susceptible to leaking than pitched roofs. shed roofs project as a single plane roof pitched away from the house. if you are tying the roof directly to a house wall, you can install a ledger board with flashing and install rafter ties to attach the rafters at the appropriate angles or use engineered trusses.

how to attach a patio roof to an existing house and 10

2. make the patio roof a little bit higher. it is almost similar to the first method, but to make the patio roof a little bit higher, you will need to remove the house gutter and place the back channel a bit higher. because the gutter is removed, you will need to install transfer flashing from the roof of the house to the patio.

fastening a patio roof to the house building a patio

how to build covered patio roof is a question that you need to find the answer of it. the information of it will help you in building a good patio roof cover for your house. building a patio cover is a great diy project to add value to your outdoor space. corrugated metal is a cost effective and stylish roof option.

what is a freestanding deck and why would you want one

what is a freestanding deck and why would you want one? posted by bostondecksandporches feb 13, 2014 without any solid attachment a house, your deck will sway and wobble. it needs bracing, especially if it is high off the ground. we recently applied for a permit for a low deck attached to a house in a local town. that building

deck over a flat roof

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how to build a deck or porch: guide

installing rim boards on our how to build a deck project temporarily attaching rim board and bracing the side rim boards are cut to size and one is temporarily attached to the brick wall on one side. the other is attached to the ledger board and temporarily held in position with a brace.

how 2 build a flat roof over an existing wooden deck on a

how 2 build a flat roof over an existing wooden deck on a mobile home . rezwood 40. i am wanting to put a flat roof over an existing wood deck on my dad's mobile home. not sure on the best and cheapest way to do this. also want it to last and be durable all year around. do not attach this roof to the mobile home. recent tests in a wind

building a roof over a deck or patio

check local building code to see if you can attach a patio roof directly to your deck. blow out the dust, fill the hole with epoxy, and insert the rod to the required depth. let the epoxy set leaving it overnight will assure that it is rock solid , and then add the anchor bolt, anchor, washer, and nut and tighten.

attaching a new deck to a house: the correct method

to properly attach a deck ledger, follow these guidelines: drop the level of the new ledger enough to allow at least a 2-in. gap between the bottom of any doors and the top of the deck boards. that way, water and snow melt won't be able to accumulate and seep under doorsills to ruin interior floors, and storm doors will swing past ice, snow and leaf deposits.

building an attached deck

diy how to build a modern designer deck with floating glass and composite decking luxus homes - duration: 15:53. luxus home creations 693,782 views

how to build a roof over your deck

how to build a roof over a deck. to avoid any modifications to the existing deck below, or to facilitate future replacement of the deck below the roof, the roof can also be designed independently from the deck. new foundations piers would then be installed and sized only with the roof in mind. a gable style porch roof addition.