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scientists have developed a way to make wood as strong as

the resulting chemical bonds make the wood strong enough to one day be used in buildings and vehicles. it could even take a turn in new armour plating the researchers fired bullet-like projectiles at their new super wood and found they got lodged in the material rather than blasting their way through, as they did with standard-strength wood.

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'it is both strong and tough, which is a combination not usually found in nature,' said teng li, the co-leader of the team and samuel p. langley associate professor of mechanical engineering at umd's clark school. his team measured the dense wood's mechanical properties. 'it is as strong as steel, but six times lighter.

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who we are wood is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. we operate in more than 60 countries, employing around 60,000 people, with revenues of over $10 billion.

light and strong was established with the aim to become the home of composite materials, being an influencing and leading factor in matters concerning the composite materials industry. the company was established by experienced experts from the field of composite materials.

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how strong is the wood? this type of shelf is based on the engineering principles of a torsion box. its light in weight but very strong. use it to carry very heavy loads. build a torsion-box shelf for lightweight rigidity. all the parts are glued together. it will almost be as rigid as if it were built of solid wood of the same

airfield models

the following fuselage construction example looks robust and it is very strong. however, it is also very light due to engineering choices and wood selection. a typical kit fuselage that is generally identical is usually much heavier due to the wood provided which is not hand selected and graded for best strength to weight.

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wood has been present in the caspian region for over 20 years. we combine our strong knowledge of the area, global expertise across the entire asset life cycle and experience required to operate successfully in the harsh and complex environment of the worlds largest land-locked body of water. read more

metal as light as styrofoam and as strong as titanium

metal as light as styrofoam and as strong as titanium and 5 other amazing new materials october 20, 2015 earlier this month, aerospace company boeing unveiled what it is calling 'the lightest

lightweight structural marine honeycomb sandwich plywood

sing core introduces the next generation of marine building supplies. no other core building material is more versatile than sing core. boat builders report composite materials have been flooding the marine industry for years, but tend to fail under rigorous testing or deteriorate over time. enter sing core, the revolutionary eco-friendly boat building structural panel

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tricel honeycomb provides an extremely strong and recyclable option for greatly reducing weight, while maintaining structural integrity. learn more engineering expertise. we can provide the advice and the guidance needed to streamline your project and help deliver optimal engineering solutions.

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kerfkore company is your primary source for environmentally friendly bendable substrates and lightweight structural composite panels. we can help you create that radius project quickly and economically, provide environmentally friendly products, and help reduce weight for those special applications.

what are some of the lightest woods? home guides sf gate

lightweight, low-density woods have uses that range from woodworking to airplane building. some are only good for starting fires or making paper. each species has properties that make it useful in

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bedford reinforced plastics is a full-service supplier of fiberglass-reinforced polymer frp , including proforms structural shapes, progrid molded grating and prograte pultruded grating. bedfords facilities include a state-of-the-art fabrication center, and capabilities for design and engineering services, as well as guaranteed on-time delivery and an industry leading warranty.

researchers design one of the strongest, lightest

mit researchers have designed a strong, lightweight material that is ten times stronger than steel, reports katharine schwab for if we can produce the material in big amounts, we can use that to somehow substitute some of the steel used for construction, says research scientist zhao qin.

a lighter alternative to plywood machine design

a lighter alternative to plywood. a said to be lightweight, because the boards are waterproof and strong, they target applications that include marine, transportation and general

recommended ways to build a strong fence and gate

a dovetail joint is your second alternative. easiest to cut, but not as strong as the others, is the half-lap joint. against crushable wood such as redwood, use a large, flat washer with the nut and bolt. joinery is paramount in wood construction subjected to the elements; my own company relies on advanced woodworking joints.' charles

composite materials in building and construction applications

lightweight materials that are strong and stiff. composites are much stronger and stiffer than pure polymers. steels relative to wood, composites are stronger and stiffer. relative to concrete, composites offer superior strength. pmma composites can have specific strength and specific stiffness similar to steels. concrete pp nylon

top ten hardest woods the wood database

we used the wood for burning and fencing . i still remember the axe hitting the tree and rebounding like nothing i ever experienced before. i long forgot this until now when i read this list of top ten hardest woods. i thought that our name for the wood was merely a colloquial, common name.

what is the strongest and lightest wood? hunker

as the most common wood used for structural lumber, as when framing a house with studs, douglas fir, technically a softwood, is light, strht and strong. you can rip two-by-fours in half lengthwise to build the framework for a crate, or anything else. douglas fir can also be used to build lightweight bed frames, struts for shelving or anything that requires a sound structural framework.