how to build wooden house on slope areas

wooden outdoor stairs and landscaping steps on slope

designing outdoor stairs and landscaping steps of tree trunk pieces. place your first wooden piece for the first step at the bottom edge of the garden or path on a slope. place the second wooden piece so that it makes walking comfortable. pack the dirt underneath the second step until it is stable and secure it before continuing to the next step. repeat the process until you have completed your landscaping steps.

evaluating a building lot -- slope, soils, drainage, radon

its possible to build on a site with no flat land. on a moderate slope, you can often build down the slope with a stepped foundation and two levels or a walk-out basement. you can grade to create level yard areas in the front and back of the house, with sloping or stepped side yards.

slope houses designs, inspiration, photos

houses on the slope. the home designs in this collection use cutting-edge design features to take advantage of the location and elevation to increase the exterior appeal, as well as the view from the interior. rather than just big homes perched on top of a hill, many of these houses make clever use of the challenging landscape.

how to fix the slope grading for a house home guides

how to fix the slope grading for a house. measure your yards slope. tie one end of a string to a stake and put the stake in the ground near the foundation. extend the string 50 feet away from the house and tie the second end to a second stake. place that stake in the ground, pulling the string tight.

how to build a diy floating deck in a sloped backyard

so, all the wooden posts were cut off and we went to plan b: installing a simple railing around the highest parts of the deck. pressure treated 2 x 4s, and balusters were the main components of these railings.

house on a slope / gian salis architect

house on a slope / gian salis architect 'each part of the construction should have its own beauty and power. the house was designed as if the structural work would have existed for some time and

how to build a fence on a slope today's homeowner

some things i learned about fences after buying a a house with a beautiful, but rotting, fence: if a slope is fairly small, it may be beneficial to level it instead of modifying the fence. just make sure to consider drainage and soil movement. avoid soil contact when installing the pickets, and dont allow it to build up against the fence

how to build a shed with a slanted roof step-by-step guide

expensive to convert a mono pitched roof to a multi-slope roof since all walls need to become the same height. snow can build up against the lower roof wall and cause dampness or rot in the wall. fast run-off of rain or snow can cause ground erosion behind the shed.

how to build a wood fence on slope

how to build a wood fence on slope. how to build a wood fence on slope. skip navigation sign in. building a viking house with hand tools: a bushcraft project part 1 - duration: 26:47.

how to make a walkway down a steep slope hunker

use either the shovel or a scooper to dig your slope along the cleared pathway. the best way to create the slope is to mark the spot on the slope where you will want this stretch of path to end. running a string from the starting point at the top end of the pathway down to the ending point at the bottom end will help eye up your slope.

how to build a raised deck with wickes

when laying your landscape fabric it's best to overlap the fabric to ensure it covers all of the area under your deck. steps your steps should be supported on solid and level ground.

not level? no problem. how to build a greenhouse on a slope

the lessons id learned building my fathers greenhouse convinced me it was possible to build greenhouses on a slope to catch more winter sunlight and use the slope to harvest rainwater. the chosen site sloped gently to the west and connected to the parking lot, office, postharvest area, and market building.

how to build a raised garden bed on sloping, uneven ground

cedar boards, galvanized screws, plastic sheeting on the inside of raised beds: keeps moisture away from wood and in your bed. raised garden, staple plastic inside to keep some moisture away from wood. i bet duct tape would work too if you appreciate bedroom accessories an individual will love this cool site great to tutorial on how to build

how to build on a sloping site homebuilding and renovating

use the up-to-date build cost table on this site in the first assessment, but thereafter cost each project on its own merits. use our build cost calculator. cut and fill. this describes the process of carving out a level plinth on a sloping site, in order to build a home that is essentially designed for use on a level site.

43 best house on slope images houses on slopes, house

country house design hillside landscaping house with land house on a hill house building building a new home big houses houses on slopes hillside house people buy and build on sloping blocks all the time.

building on a steep slope lot? read this first

building up the land to the standard 8 inches above soil, along with adding retaining walls for stability in the home, is extra work that isnt incurred when building on a flat lot. if it needs to be equipped with sewage and drainage capabilities as well, this will also require additional work.

how to build steps on a slope

how to build steps on a slope. its height of the hill from top to bottom in inches divided by anywhere between 6 and 8 for this type of stair. ours was 28 inches from the top of the slope to the bottom, divided by 7 is4 to get the height of your slope, put a stake in the ground at the top, wrap a mason string around the bottom of the stake,