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premier rail baluster packs are available in five colors, which can be mixed or matched with other premier rail components to create a completely customized look. balusters are 1-1/4' square, and they attach quickly and securely with included screws to the support rail of a premier rail section .

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baluster and infill options. on a site-built wood railing, balusters can be metal, steel cable, or any sturdy material, but the most common are 2×2s, nailed or screwed directly to the rim joist or attached to the bottom rail. three common baluster layouts are shown in the illustration.


as the end piece 30 is made of wood, it can be nailed on a floor without producing cracks. the composite baluster 100 can be fabricated as follows: firstly, the core 10 is formed as a strht rod by a wood-working process.

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composite decking is more expensive to manufacture, but, over time, the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement costs of wood decking exceed the initial investment in a veranda deck.

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assemble baluster panels. with the rails cut to length and spread out with the balusters on the deck, i'm ready to build the rail panels. in the case of the seven trust system, the rails are an l-shape that requires setting fasteners in the face of the 2x2 figure 10 .


toenailing through the baluster on the uphill side with a finishing nail gun should be quite sufficient. the plowed channel holds them laterally. if you wanted extra strength, you could add glue just before nailing. 16 or 18 gauge nails about 1 inch to 1 1/4 long should suffice. the hole will likely be nearly invisible.

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although top and bottom rails are composite, the balusters will vary in material due to personal preference and style. seven trust transcend railing can be used with composite balusters, aluminum balusters and glass balusters.

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we do not recommend using nails or a nail gun when installing veranda composite decking. the composite material is so dense that nails often cannot penetrate adequately without bending. moreover, when fastening veranda deck boards, all holes should be pre-drilled to prevent the material from mushrooming over the fasteners see above and to avoid splitting.

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the number of deck railing balusters included in seven trust premier baluster packs vary depending on the chosen baluster type. the seven trust composite baluster packs contain 18 balusters and seven trust aluminum balusters contain 20 balusters. the baluster packs are used with seven trust premier rail packs to build rail sections between posts.

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composite railing never needs sanding, staining, or repainting. because it is an outdoor product, it will collect dirt and pollen from time to time not to mention, the errant splash of ketchup or lemonade.

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we do not recommend using nails or a nailer when installing deckorators composite decking. the material is very dense and getting nails to penetrate to a proper depth without bending can be a challenge. a bigger issue concerns the fastening on the end of the boards. we recommend that all holes be predrilled to help reduce mushrooming.

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balusters can be nailed or screwed directly to the rim joist and to the guard railing at the top of the deck guardrail, or balusters screwed along a stair stringer and secured at top to a stair guardrailing can be strong enough that additional 4x or larger posts may not be required.

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if you're installing composite deck boards, we recommend color-matching yours with duraspin composite deck screws or beckdeck scrails. in damp or coastal regions, or for decks that are regularly exposed to weather, opt for a stainless steel deck screw or scrail to prevent rusting and corrosion over time.

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the composite baluster 100' differs from the composite baluster 100 of the previous embodiment in that the end piece 140' has no tenon at its bottom end and that the bottom end 11 of the core 10 and the end piece 140' are bored to form aligned holes 111 and 141 so that the composite baluster 100' can be screwed to a floor via a locking screw not shown which will be inserted into the holes 11 and 141 through the floor.

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product overview. high-grade and long-lasting, these balusters come with a lifetime limited warranty against rot and termites. just like our other wood decking products, our balusters can be cut to size for special projects. they're also compatible with aluminum, offering you the widest range of design options.

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panorama composite railing system. panorama capped composite railing system features a classic painted wood railing design with hand-crafted authenticity and true architectural details. it is available in two heights and two lengths, and in three colors: white, almond and black. choose from square composite balusters or decorative steel balusters