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bubbledeck biaxial hollow floor slab system, a technology that increases large span lengths and makes floors lighter by reducing the weight while maintaining the performance of reinforced concrete

punching behavior of biaxial hollow slabs

1. introduction. in 1998 tests were conducted with biaxial hollow slabs, the so-called bubbledeck. the aim of these tests was to investigate the structural behavior of this new kind of monolithic flat slab and to check the validity of the german design code din 1045 .

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structural behavior of bubble deck slab. conference paper pdf available construction o f biaxial hollow core slab 2 2 s teel: t he steel r einforcement is o f grade f. y. 60 strength.

structural behavior of bubbledeck* slabs and their

biaxial slabs have many advantages over a conventional solid concrete slab: lower total cost, reduced material use, enhanced structural efficiency, decreased construction time, and is a green technology. through tests, models and analysis from a variety of institutions, bubbledeck was proven to be superior to the traditional solid concrete slab.

experimental study on bubble deck slab using polypropylene

keywords - bubble deck, thermal insulation, lighter slab, flexural strength, crack pattern. i. introduction in building constructions, slab is one of the largest structural member consuming concrete. jorgen bruenig in 1990s invented the first biaxial hollow slab now known as bubble deck slab in denmark. bubble deck offers a more

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voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs bubblfdeck which voids reduce the amount of concrete. this is a really clever idea that takes out all the stuff in the middle that you dont really need, and replacing it with air. bubble deck slab seminar report, ppt, pdf for civil engineering

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bubble deck and hollowcore slab 4 bubbledeck slab bubble deck slab is a biaxial voided concrete slab in which high density polythene hollow spheres replace the ineffective concrete in the center of concrete slab. 5.

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bubble deck slab uses hollow spherical or elliptical balls made by recycled plastic. plastic voided slabs are capable of reducing the amount of concrete necessary to construct a building by 30

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the bubbledeck system virtually eliminates dead weight concrete from the middle of a floor slab by incorporating recycled plastic bubbles as a void. the system can facilitate up to 50% longer spans.

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the idea was to create a hollow biaxial slab with the same capabilities as a solid slab, but with considerably less weight due to the elimination of excess concrete. in building constructions, the slab is a very important deck slab are found to be 6.43% lesser than that of solid slab.

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improved acoustic behaviour thanks to the increased stiffness of the lower and upper slabs, acoustic transmittancy is decreased. bubbledeck the biaxial hollow deck. if the resistance is still greater than the solid slab resistance and less than the maximum allowed, we provide shear reinforcement.

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page 4 of deck types. the simple bubbledeck is cast over the pre- fabricated bubble- lattice on traditional formwork. in the filigree-slab bubbledeck the. bubbledeck the biaxial hollow slab. architectural freedom, flexibility in design and use, fast and inexpensive, savings and environmental benefits. bubble deck slab. 1.

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a comparison was made between bubbledeck and hollow core deck prior to the construction of weena tower. deck types of similar height were compared. the noise reduction with bubbledeck was 1 db higher than hollow core. the main criteria for reducing noise is the weight of the deck and therefore bubbledeck evidently will

biaxial hollow slab with innovative types of voids

the main difference between a solid slab and a hollow biaxial slab is a shear resistance. due to the reduced concrete volume, the shear resistance will also be reduced. for a bubbledeck slab the shear resistance is proportional to the amount of concrete, as the special

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bubble deck slab is a biaxial hollow core slab invented in denmark. it is a method of virtually eliminating all concrete from the middle of a floor slab not performing any structural function fig 1 , thereby dramatically reducing structural dead weight. bubble deck slab is based on a new patented technique which involves the direct way of

voided biaxial slab

the general concept of voided biaxial slabs relies on voids created within the concrete at the time of casting. this creates an internal array of hollow boxes in the slab, which acts as grid of horizontal supports for the flat surface on top.