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this will cost you time and money. start by considering how large you want your screened-in porch to be. will you expand on an existing deck, or work with the space provided? expanding the decks square footage will cost more, but it may be a good idea if your current deck is old, unsafe or needs extensive remodeling. know what you want.

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building a deck with a screened in porch if you dont already have an existing deck, the construction for a new screened in porch is much more expensive. the average cost to build a deck starts at $25 per sq. foot with most homeowners spending around $4,380 to $10,080 total.

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it is also cost effective, too. why? because you already have the floor in place. yes custom screen porch by the porch company you could either use a screened porch kit to build your screened porch on your existing deck or patio - or you could construct columns, roof and frames for the screens.

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1 be sure your deck can support a roof. your deck will need to be able to support a roof. check with your local building codes, but you may have to do one or more of these things: add more posts and foundation piers $500 to $5,000 . beef up joists and beams. pour a concrete foundation which could cost $10,000 .

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other factors that go into the cost of a porch include the type of enclosure, be it screened or glass, the type of roof hip, shed, or gable , the type of siding used, flooring/deck materials, accessories, and paint. in addition, youll need to consider the cost of removing any pre-existing deck or porch.

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the total cost for a screened in porch on an existing deck will be between $1,157 and $1,374 or an average cost of $6.33/sf. of course, the construction of a completely new screened in porch without an existing deck is much more expensive.

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cost to build screened-in porch on an existing deck converting a deck into an enclosed porch costs $19 to $37 per square foot . this includes a roof or cover and $5 to $7 per square foot for screening.

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a screened in porch is a big improvement, but building a porch is also a big project, one that might consume most of your spare time this summer. so, we're keeping this how to build a porch design simple. simple 2x4 wall construction. you can build it with standard dimensional lumber, and it doesn't require heavy beams or complex joints.

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if youre looking for 2019 breakdown for cost of screened in porch materials and what installation cost might be, youve come to the right place. as an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, i know first hand what it should cost for various levels from basic, better, and of course the best.

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from an existing bare deck, probably in the very roughly $5-10/sf of perimeter wall - so 3-sides of deck times height to roof, about 48x8 = 380 sf feet say in your case if already roofed over with corner posts usable to connect the 'wall' to. sometimes as low as $3/sf range with kits. so roughly $2000-4000 likely for that.

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for your project in zip code 98102 with these options, the cost to screen in porch starts at $29.41-$42.66 per square feet . your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

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screened-in porches or enclosed deck cost screening in your porch costs $1,000 to $1,900 for materials and labor, assuming you already have a roof. adding screens that open and close can double that price.