active motif peptide array

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active motif’s epigenetics products & services brochure

at active motif, we manufacture and rigorously test our histone antibodies in-house to ensure their quality and performance. we are the only company to test the specificity of our histone modification antibodies using our ground-breaking modified histone peptide array (figure 2; see page 21). 5-cac 5-mc dapi

histone h3k27me3 antibody - chip, icc, if & wb - active motif

peptide array analysis was used to confirm the specificity of this antibody for its intended modification. histone h3 trimethyl lys27 antibody was applied at a dilution of 1:5,000 to active motif's modified histone peptide array (catalog no. 13001). the arrays were scanned with arrayanalysis software 7 and the results plotted. specificity

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active motif

active motif offers research kits, assays and biocomputing systems that help researchers study the function, regulation and interactions between genes, proteins and metabolic pathways.

modified histone peptide arrays - epigenie

active motif’s new modified histone peptide arrays (catalog nos. 13001 & 13005) provide researchers with a valuable tool to screen antibodies, enzymes and proteins for cross-reactivity or binding interactions with histones and their post-translational modifications.

modified histone peptide array - active motif

active motif uses the histone peptide array to help validate the binding specificity of our histone modification antibodies. select antibody images and graphs are available below. to see a complete list of all the active motif antibodies that have been tested using the modified histone peptide array, please follow the link to array tested.