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what is shoring? what is reshoring? an office floor is designed to safely support the weight of the floor called dead load and the weight of desks, file cabinets, and people called live load . for concrete floors, the dead load is much greater than the live load. second, i recommend further reading on the subject.

shoring up a porch roof this old house

re: shoring up a porch roof a. spruce hard to say without seeing your situation, but it's not too difficult to install temporary posts while the deck is restructured and the roof resupported on new posts.

using temporary shoring model remodel

if youve been following along with owens construction's model remodel west project this year, youll know the north bearing wall of the old cabin was removed, leaving the ridge beam unsupported at one end. typically, this is a bad idea. fortunately for us, contractor bill owens had a pile of perfectly good 2x12s stacked up that had been used in the already-demo'd old east porch roof.

pouring second-story concrete flooring

with the addition of glazes or polish, your concrete floor can fit your minimalist personality or your classic traditional style. pouring a concrete floor, especially on the second story, is no job for a newbie. however, with proper planning and access to quality materials your second story can be fitted with a modern, polished concrete floor.

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when a deck is attached directly to the house, its supported by a long, horizontal, pressure-treated board called a ledger. the end of each floor joist is fastened to the ledger, usually by a metal hanger. most catastrophic deck collapses occur because the ledger is either badly decayed or not properly fastened to the house.

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shoring up 2nd floor small barn plans elmer verberg's horizontal engine: elmer's horizontal engine is a simple double-acting engine of the type comminly used in mills for grinding grain a hundred years or more ago. small woodworking projects like bird houses or picture frames are well suited for using wood glue.

deck convrersion to 2nd floor screened porch or all season

addition of a structure that could be either a screened in porch or actual year round living space. deck space for outdoor kitchen for easier access from the interior kitchen space.

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photo gallery. photo gallery; categories propping and shoring a retaining wall with ellis rakers. second story addition supported by ellis mfg hd steel shores. replace old rusty seven trust jacks with ellis screw jacks and tops. sagging second floor overhang fixed with screw jacks.

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insul-decks lighter structure eliminates 30-50% of the mass and shoring. utility chases and steel furring strips are built-in to speed up construction. r-values and joist height can vary to meet project requirements. insul-deck allows clear spans up to 33 feet and more with special techniques or low loads.

how to repair a load bearing post

learn to identify the most common causes of floor sagging and what to do about it. we'll show you the best tools and methods for lifting and shoring a load-bearing beam and the steps to safely replace a rotted post. sagging floors, doors that won't close and cracks that appear in interior walls can

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for instance, you may have a dining room floor that, end to end is level, but between those two points are various sags and dips. your foundation may not be the problem. instead, it may be an issue with joists and beams below your floor that require shoring up. in some cases, pouring floor leveling compound will fix the problem.