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the council for sustainable building practices 29,471 views 4:53 how to use a speed square why it might be the most important tool you own - duration: 7:34.

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bond the membrane to the wood with a latex-modified thinset. sealed joints. when installing a window in a tiled shower enclosure, make sure the joint between the jamb and the cementboard is sufficiently sealed with silicone caulk and a waterproofing membrane.

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how to build or inspect chimney chases: wood-framed enclosures for metal chimneys tips for inspecting wood-framed chimney surrounds and chases common leak and failure points at wood chimney chaseways why leaks in chimney chases lead to insect damage, rot, mold growth in buildings should a wood framed chimney chase be insulated? is fire stopping required in a chimney chaseway?

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the right materials and proper installation can strengthen your home against the most severe weather. closer to the coast, the rating will be 40 to 45 pounds per square foot. in a taller building sitting on the coast, it could be pushing 80 pounds per square foot. fires and floods cement tile, clay tile, and slate roofs,

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cut the side, end, top and bottom panels out of the marine plywood sheet using a circular saw. sandpaper each of the edges of each piece, to provide a rough surface to which caulking can adhere. attach one side panel to the end of each end panel with 1-inch wood screws. attach two halves of the box frame together with the wood screws.

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for this test, water should be sprayed on the wall surface for a couple of hours, keeping the nozzle at a 30-degree angle. your home will pass the test only if a moisture meter shows there is no moisture. by waterproofing exterior walls, youll not only prevent serious damage but also boost the value of your home.

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wall framing basics how to frame a wall and door enjoy exclusive diy videos as well as popular learn video

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the width will be used to measure the top and bottom frames, and the height will be used to measure the individual studs. in general, when you're building a wall for a non-basement room, you will build the entire frame on the floor first, and then lift and move it into place before attaching it to joists and beams accordingly.

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this is the sequence you would follow to erect a 2-storey platform frame house. erect the ground floor platform, a horizontal wooden platform over the foundation. build all the walls upto a height of one storey. this can easily be done by building each wall flat - on the floor platform - and then tilting it vertically. build the next floor platform.

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the main problem with trying to frame a shed on an existing concrete slab is trying to set the sill plate. the actual framing follows a standard process, the only exception being that you may have to toe-nail to attach the studs.

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this becomes the bottom of the wood tub. build a 3 feet wide by 6 feet long by 3 feet tall rectangular open box by attaching the other two of the 3 feet wide by 6 feet long 1-inch thick birch plywood pieces, which form the sides to the two 3-feet square, 1-inch thick birch plywood pieces that form the ends of the box.

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to seal between the wood and the slab, you could use a thick bed of seven trust caulk, but a better alternative would be an extruded epdm sill gasket. resource conservation technology 2633 north calvert st., baltimore, md. 21218; 410-366-1146 makes them in three widths for 2-in., 4-in., and 6-in. frame walls.

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christym: if your wood is already painted, adding a layer of wood sealant works well for waterproofing. you should make sure to clean the wood very well first. you can mix ¼ cup liquid detergent with a gallon of water and scrub the surface well. it is of equal importance to rinse well.

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learn how to build a wood stud wall. this video shows you how to layout the wall stud locations on the top and bottom plates. it also shows you how to crown boards. the framing uses 16 inch on

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a quick description of the waterproofing process using henry blueskin on a permanent wood foundation on our new house in wisconsin.

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waterproofing protects decks, patios, wood siding and driveways from damage caused by water, sunlight and mildew. this guide will help you understand how waterproofers and sealants protect wood and concrete surfaces both inside and outside your home. tip: before sealing wood or masonry, prepare the area for application.

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measure the area of the roof. measure the length and width of one side of the roof. multiply those numbers to get the area of that side. if the shed is a basic a-frame, multiply that number by two to get the total area of the roof. if the roof has an irregular shape, find the area of each part of the roof.