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how to fix an uneven wall home guides sf gate

uneven walls are usually a case of the framing being installed slightly on an angle or because of a warp in the wood. imperfections can also be planed out of wall studs with a wood planer

uneven wall at shower surround this old house

here's my problem. we live in a house that was built by cavemen. no corner is square, the window holes looked like they were chopped out with an axe. the bathroom was originally built 5'1' wide stud to stud. no wall is even. the 5' tub/shower unit is fastened directly to the studs. one wall was built up with plywood then greenboard. the problem is as you look at the tub, on

fitting kitchen units on uneven walls has never been easier

the easiest and also the quickest solution to fit kitchen cabinets on uneven wall is to simply fix one or two wooden battens that will play the role of a guideway for all cabinets. this however depends greatly on the condition of the wall and if the damages are too big it might be necessary to take care of biggest holes before any further works.

reinforce a bad wall stud by adding a sister stud

the sister stud or partial stud should be anchored to the existing stud at least every 8 to 10 inches. sistering with a partial stud is not allowed by most building codes for load-bearing walls. in this case, a bad stud must be sistered by a new full stud that extends from the wall's bottom plate, or sole plate, to its top plate.

diy tips - dealing with uneven walls

diy tips - dealing with uneven walls: this is a slow and very dusty job. make sure you wear a goggles and a facemask while sanding to protect yourself.

dot and dab over very uneven stone walls the original

i also removed the old plasterboard from two stud walls which were built 20 years ago to make a third bedroom and a bigger bathroom. now all the old plaster is off, i am faced with two very uneven stone walls and one smooth and flat brick wall.

how to fix uneven drywall using a makeshift shim - youtube

how to fix uneven drywall using a makeshift shim the drywall doctor came across a problem where the drywall didn't line up with the original wall it was patched up to. super easy wall stud

how to hang drywall on wall studs that are not flush ehow

the studs in your wall must be flush to hang drywall evenly. uneven studs will result in uneven walls. you can fix this situation without reconstructing your framing by simply adding to it or taking away from it. adding to or taking away from framing is a time-saving solution compared with

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how to check and correct framing how to check and correct framing other forces also hard at work include uneven grain, stresses that were built up in the living tree, and the loads imposed on the wood in its new role as dimensional lumber. as a result, studs and joists can bend, bow, twist, and cupeven after you've built a wall that was

what distance apart should metal stud securing brackets be

i have hired a contractor to line the walls of an old apartment with metal stud and drywall as the walls are very uneven. the drywall is up but the walls have quite a lot of give in them, if i push . what distance apart should metal stud securing brackets be placed?

ceiling - how do i hang drywall where the wood is uneven

how do i hang drywall where the wood is uneven? ask question asked 4 years, 11 months ago. which is now very oddly shaped how to confirm screw is attached to stud through wood plank and dry wall? 1. how to fix an extremely? uneven wall before tiling

leveling an old ceiling - fine homebuilding

one of the challenges of working on older homes is creating a flat wall or ceiling where studs and joists have sagged, twisted, and bowed. this article details a simple technique for solving the problem with steel studs when it comes to leveling an old ceiling.

strhtening a bowed wall stud - the spruce

ideally, you have carefully inspected the 2 x 4 studs that were used to frame your walls, making sure they were perfectly strht before installing them.but perhaps you weren't as careful as you should have been, or maybe you had the wall framed by someone else, planning to do the drywall installation yourself. either way, you have a bit of a problem if you find that a wall stud is bowed, so

airtight drywall approach very uneven top plates / studs

hi, i have a question regarding the airtight drywall approach and very uneven top plates. we are currently gut remodeling a post-ww2 single-story cape cod. one of the many issues i face is that the lumber used for the top plates is very uneven. the top plate is a full 2x4 with a 1x4 on the top. the studs are a full 4 wide but in places the top plates are only about 3.5 wide in some

how to true old wall before hanging drywall? terry love

how to true old wall before hanging drywall? discussion in 'remodel forum and blog' started by jch, mar 18, 2007. jch depending on the situation, all of the techniques you mentioned may come into play. get a long very strht 'something' to test with. ** how do 'the pros' quickly suss out a stud wall to see *where* the problems are and

how to drywall an uneven wall ehow

wall framing, including wall studs, supports drywall panels. if the wall studs are uneven, the finished wall can look wavy unless you take action during the drywall panels' installation to minimize the problem. using drywall shims is the standard remedy, but contractors also change the amount of

framing walls on an uneven concrete slab

as long as the slope is consistent you can still build the walls on the ground using differing height studs without having the top plate in place. we do something very similar laying out gable ends on subfloors. - cut two studs, one higher than the other by the amount the slab slopes.