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if you are looking to just metal detect at the beach then the cscope cs4pi is the perfect beginners beach metal detector. many of the beginners metal detectors that i have written about can be used on the beach but will struggle with the wet sand.

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anybody wishing to carry out metal detecting on our foreshore is granted a permissive right from the crown estate; this permissive right does not apply to the seabed or river beds or any other crown estate land.

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laws on metal detecting in the uk the treasure act any metallic object, other than a coin, provided that at least 10 per cent by weight of metal is precious metal that is, gold or silver and that it is at least 300 years old when found.

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heres the list of countries where metal detecting is permitted or prohibited. australia. any metal detecting is allowed. prospecting for gold nuggets, as well as beach search, are favourites among locals. there are not so many archaeological finds in australia much less that in europe and the u.s. austria. the use of metal detectors in

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laws on metal detecting in the uk. the pas is a voluntary programme that is run by the uk government to record the numbers of small finds, or finds of historical and archaeological interest made by members of the general public. it began in 1997 and covers the most of england and wales.

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laws on metal detecting in the uk. an inquiry led by the coroner then determines whether the find constitutes treasure or not. if is declared to be treasure then the owner must offer the item for sale to a museum at a price set by an independent board of antiquities experts. only if no museum expresses an interest in the item or is unable to purchase it can the owner retain it.

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the national council for metal detecting is a representative body of elected volunteers formed in 1981 to provide a means whereby responsible metal detector users would have a democratic forum to discuss problems affecting the hobby and to provide an authoritative voice to counter ill -informed and frequently misleading criticism of the hobby.

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modern metal detectors utilise a unique combination of technologies that can make the hobby rewarding, in terms of both enjoyment and profit. a number of inexpensive metal detectors for beginners or children are on the market, with most featuring trigger-shaped handles, aluminium rods with a circular battery-powered electromagnet.

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all metal detectors detect metal - just like all cars drive down the road. what makes one detector better than another like cars is the additional features and enhancements. look for a beginner detector in the $150-300 range. anything below that isnt really considered a detector - its considered a toy.

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laws about metal detecting. the american antiquities act and the archaeological resources protection act are federal laws that were created to protect history and make it illegal in almost all cases to metal detect on federal land. state laws vary from state to state; however, those allowing metal detecting on state property require a permit.

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if you use a metal detector in the uk and you get lucky, you need to know about the rules of treasure trove before you start spending your windfall. if you dig up something golden, glittering and magical anywhere in the united kingdom, very specific rules of 'treasure' or, in scotland 'treasure trove', apply to what you may be entitled to and what you have to do.

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metal detecting has a few rules, some more general and others more specific. when youre just starting, its easier to follow them. later on, youll figure out whats comfortable for you, and decide whether youd rather go in a different direction.

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board rules. you are allowed links in your signature that are metal detecting related but it is expected that a link back from the website would be reciprocated. brand versus brand or 'which is the best metal detector' type topics are prohibited within the forum. rules also apply to our facebook page - mdf facebook .

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while reports of record hauls of treasure such as a £3.28 million find in staffordshire and the £1 million find on an aylesbury farm may inspire you to buy a metal detector and start searching for gold, there are a number of laws governing treasure finds that will affect the amount of money you receive.

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code of practice for responsible metal detecting in england and wales 2017 if undertaken responsibly metal-detecting can make an important contribution to archaeological knowledge. this document aims to provide guidance for metal-detectorists who wish to contribute to our understanding of the history of england and wales.

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metal detecting guide and tips including metal detectors and accessories, brands including garrett, xp, minelab, quest, makro, nokta, teknetics, 5.1 ordnance forum rules and guidance - firstly and most importantly all posts must abide by the current uk legislation .

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digging at state or federal parks. in some states, you cant detect at state parks without specific credentials. others allow it, but only in certain areas and with a few restrictions. in michigan, for instance, metal detecting is allowed in every part of five of the state parks, but only in certain areas of other state parks.