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deck flashing i have posted this before, but deck flashing is that small piece of bent metal, sometimes called 'z flashing,' seen in the circle to the left. it is installed under the siding and over the ledger beam so no water can enter the house behind that ledger beam. that way the bolts are just that and not waterways.

leak - how do i stop water from seeping between my porch

water leaks almost always originate higher up from where they come out. i would suspect the flashing/ counter flashing along the roof line with the house. likely you will have to remove a several foot strip of siding to inspect what measures have been used to waterproof the house-roof junction.

i have a 20x24 insulated aluminum patio roof. it leaks

in addition to the elastomeric sealant suggestion which also comes in aluminum/silver color if roof is that color , sounds like in addition to sealant at the roof intersection you need some flashing to cover the transition and divert house roof runoff onto the patio roof over the transition.

we had a addition added to our house in place of our patio

what is the leak is coming from the 2nd floor, rolling down the wall behind the siding, and then showing as a leak where the roof meets the wall. if you seal the roof to the siding, this will prevent water from entering at this source, but may not do anything if the leak is coming from above.

how to repair a leak where a patio roof meets the main roof

how to repair a leak where a patio roof meets the main roof. patio roofs are typically weaker and less reinforced than main roofs, but holes can easily be repaired with the right tools, materials and instructions. take a read through the steps below to repair the roof joint without damaging your home and your patio.

leak - how do i stop water from seeping between my porch

2 answers. however, there is no way to tell where the leak is coming from without a thorough inspection of the area. first step would be to check the roof/wall intersection above for proper flashing. water leaks almost always originate higher up from where they come out. i would suspect the flashing/ counter flashing along the roof line with

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i am going to assume that you have a concrete patio which has a small gap where it meets the house foundation. in this case what i would use is a polyurethane caulk made for masonry, like this one: loctite pl10 often the gap to be filled is quite deep. in that case the use of backer rod before caulking is recommended. backer rod

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when people build decks that attach to the house for structural support, they usually neglect to follow an important step, and end up causing moisture damage to the structure of the house. the board on your deck that is attached to your home is called the ledger board .

scribed apron flashing: permanent stop to verandah leaks

the flashing is customised to the shape of the verandah roof, and attaches to the wall or facia, completely covering where the verandah attaches to the home, making it impossible for water to leak

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step 1. check the joints of a corrugated metal or plastic roof. the sheets are commonly overlapped at the joints, and deterioration of the material at the location of the bolts holding the panels in place can cause leaks.

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virtually all professional roofers own a tool called a metal break that enables them to quickly create a crisp bend in the metal flashing that matches the angle of the roof where it meets the house. they typically add a second small bend of about ten degrees one-half inch in from the edge of the metal that overlaps the shingles.

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thank you for the quick reply. both decks are on eave sides of the home. the new deck is a replacement. when i tore the prior deck off the house i found the builder had put the deck ledger and rim joist together and then ran a bead of ?caulk? along the top of the union.

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we purchased an 84-year-old two-story house that has a 40- to 50-year-old back porch on the ground floor. the porch roof leaks where it meets the side of the house.

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as you can see, the deck was falling away from the house and sinking. the sheathing was exposed to the elements, and was rotten beyond repair. water was actively leaking into the basement and growing mold and mushrooms. the entire wall section 25 'x 8' needed a tear down and reconstruction, as well as the deck itself.

how to fix leaky siding this old house

in this video, this old house general contractor tom silva shows how to prevent water from leaking in behind vinyl siding. steps: 1. inspect the area above the leak, including both indoors and out. 2. check to be sure weep holes are open along bottom of window openings. 3.

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house roof meets porch roof siding leak yep you read the title right, i think. ha ha. i have a rough illustration below that explains it better, but i got called to fix a leak in the soffit of a back porch where the now ex-husband had built a porch roof and tied it into the house roof, well kind of, from the roof top it looks like the gabled

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deck-to-house intersection because i'm a remodeling contractor, the existing siding and trim is usually in place when i build and attach decks. to permit a positive ledger-to-house connection, the siding needs to be cut back, and in the process, the weather barrier behind the siding is usually cut too, which disrupts the existing drainage plane.