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we are able to install a 3 feet high or under patio with the landing and steps for less than the cost of a same height deck. plus the patios just flow a little better for entertaining than a raised deck. so when you are pricing out your deck, take a second to price out a patio, you just might be surprised

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decking needs a lot of maintenance and if you don't like slugs which love to live in all the cracks and crannies you would be better off with paving. we've had paving slabs down in our garden since 1976 and a burst with a pressure hose each spring brings them up looking like new. veronica alicia · 8 years ago. 0.

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paving vs. decking your garden. when it comes to decking, there is a whole host of wood options from the likes of angelim to seven trust, seven trust, iroko, and teak. colours range from honey blonde woods to almost black, and there is no doubt whatsoever that if youre looking for a clean, designer led space, then decking truly has a place in your project.

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concrete slabs are more prone to splitting and cracking, especially if the ground beneath them shifts. in addition, changes in the temperature can affect the concrete slab and cause cracks as well. pavers do not tend to crack, but they can loosen over time. when that happens, it can become a hazard, and you need to replace the individual paver.

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my estimates are just for deck frame - add cost of decking boards, nails/screws and oil, etc on top. concrete slab option : concrete - 0.1 thick x 8m x 5m = 4m3 $190/m3 = $760 or $19/m2

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concrete slab vs. wood framed floors. since fill will need to be imported into the house footprint to bring the grade up to the underside of the slab, floors that will be high off the ground are not logical candidates for a slab on grade floor. on the other hand, if your site has a high water table, is subject to flooding,

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the bottom line. stamped concrete and paving stones both have a higher upfront cost than slab concrete. stamped concrete can have similar issues to slab concrete in terms of staining of cracking, which may incur higher costs over time. paving stones, which are usually in the same price range as stamped concrete,

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both decks and patios require varying degrees of maintenance depending on the building materials. wooden decks require periodic sealing, staining and even replacement of railings and floor planks as they age, whereas certain patios may require weeding between paving stones, filling in cracks and sealing, as in the case of concrete slabs.

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installation is also a big benefit for choosing a deck. the way a deck is built allows you more creativity in location. the actual structure is built above the ground. this means that tree roots, wet ground, even big slopes can be easily overcome without adding significant expenses.

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the price you pay for your deck. while actual costs will vary greatly from project to project, composite decking has shown costs of 2 to 5 times more than decks built from pressure treated wood, and nearly twice as much as a deck protected with pvc vinyl. while the cost of material contributes to this difference,

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a 4 inch concrete slab would be an ideal base. you can always build a deck around the hot tub, after setting it on the base. if your existing deck is not too high, you may be able to cut a hole in it and recess the hot tub into the hole, after building a suitable base.

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decks need to be stained and sealed every two years and last for an average of 10 to 15 years. pros and cons of patios unlike a deck, a patio is set directly on the ground, either as a connection to the house or in another part of the yard.

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do watch dome of the cheaper slabs as they hold the moisture and can be very slippy underfoot especially when they get weathered and a bit slimy. same with the right type of decking. google and you will find many options and offers and then look for what suits your budget and they desired effect you want.

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3. choosing between decking and paving. the most important consideration when choosing which material is best for your outdoor space is the type of property you are building on. depending on the style you prefer, one material may be better than the other. if you like clean lines and a simple decision, then decking will be the best option.

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since a deck can be built off the ground, it serves up a better view, which can increase your homes value. possible permit. many towns and cities have different terms and may require a permit before building a deck, which may mean a fee and waiting period. easily customizable. a wooden deck can be painted or stained to the color or shade you desire.