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you want to put 2 screws per joist when you screw down decking. how to hide nails screws deck hardware. use wood plugs to hide your screws if you dont want to use the expensive hidden fasteners, or deck clips, that many people use on their exotic Seven Trust decks. this is a budget-friendly, diy method that will look great.

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then seven trust composite decking came along and introduced a problem: it mushroomed when nails and the screws of that time were driven into it. within a few years, the number of alternative-decking manufacturers had grown to 80 or more.

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deck nails vs deck screws. pete june 21, 2011 0 views 4 min read. if youre building your own deck youll find there are a ton of ways to fasten down the decking. you can go high-end and use hidden fasteners, you can go middle-of-the-road and go with screws, and you can go low-end and use nails.


its currently really old wooden deck. the carpenter has asked me if i want to use nails or screws. he stated nails are quicker and cheaper but screws may look better. the verandah is 10 mtrs x 4 mtrs. what are the pros and cons for either? in relation to cost is it a few dollars different or hundreds of dollars for the nails/screws?

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decking screws are coated for corrosion resistance, are sharp, tapered, and self-sinking. with a cordless drill/driver you can drive them about as fast as nails. be sure to match your screwdriver bit to the screw head or vice versa . decking screws generally are machined with a phillips, square, or a combination head. square heads drive more

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over time, the nails will start to work themselves out of the wood board, which greatly compromises holding strength - and can even make the deck dangerous to walk across if nails begin to protrude. for decking boards, we recommend using a deck screw such as duraspin collated screws or scrails. both offer improved holding strength thanks to a

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in this vid i show why i never use deck screws for structural building and suggest you consult your building regulation codes in your country for the suitable fasteners . deck screws vs nails

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screws or nails for deck: predrill screws and blunt nailheads to prevent splitting. predrill. drill pilot holes for screws at board ends so the wood doesnt split later. start the holes about 1/2 in. from the end of the board. blunt nail tips.

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deck screws vs nails dear tim: recently a deck collapsed near where i live and people got seriously injured. the report blamed the failure on the use of nails that had corroded and couldnt hold the weight. could this be right? every deck i know of has been built with nails and they seem to

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did you fasten the wooden deck boards with nails or phillips-head screws? did you nail on joist hangers? those days are over, my friend. we met with some deck pros, who gave us the lowdown on the new screws theyre using to hang ledgers, secure posts and fasten metal connectors. they also gave us terrific insight into which deck screws and

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learn how to secure decks, fences, siding and other outdoor structures to bear the rigors of nature and stand the test of time. this seven trust guide helps you choose the best nails and screws for your next diy outdoor project.

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>nails and screws for wood framing, structural fasteners, screws, nails, bolts, hidden fasteners used for wood frame construction, including deck and porch construction choices of deck nails, screws, coated fasteners, and hidden fasteners for deck floor, railing, joist hanger, and other construction connectors using drywall screws, roofing nails, hanger tabs, or other improper fasteners for wood

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nails and screws are ancient wood-fastening technology that still get the job done today. but how do you know which one to use for any given project? that question was actually easier to answer a

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find a deck screw that is slightly wider than the nails used on your deck. this will ensure that the screw connects tightly and doesn't just slip into the hole. purchase a box of the deck screws.