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water ponding occurs where the surface of the deck or balcony is not adequately sloped to encourage positive drainage. other causes include obstructions to the drainage path wood sleepers, etc. and clogged or limited drains. 2 poor ledger attachment deck and balcony ledger attachment to the building structure is a common point of failure.

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building a deck takes time, and their are specific steps you need to follow to get the job done right. when building on a sloped site, take extra care to ensure each step is complete after moving on to the next. in this case, once you've determined rise and run and installed a landing pad, you're ready to start building the stairs.

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footings for freestanding decks those not attached to the house are not required to be located 18 inches. below the finished grade and can have a minimum thickness of eight inches. post sizes are 4x4 minimum for decks six feet or less above the ground and 4x6 for decks over six feet above the. ground.

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using string and line level to measure ground slope 10 from foundation. to ensure proper drainage, the ground around your home should slope approximately 6 downhill away from the house foundation over the first 10 feet. heres how to measure the slope around your homes foundation

deck overhang ground slope

deck overhang ground slope the deck ledger is attached to house overhangs, bay windows, bricks, stone, or the deck is bearing on ground with slope greater than 2 feet horizontal forget price how to build a beautiful platform deck in a weekend - forbes

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with trapped decks, it is important to ensure that the top plate of the curb or knee wall slopes back toward the deck surface at about 1 in 6 . in addition, the membrane should extend to the line of the outside drip edge, which should extend well out from the building wall surface.

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on steep properties, the slope of the ground around the footing could affect the footing's stability. the image above depicts a deck ledger attached to an overhang. decks should not be attached to overhangs. the image above depicts proper framing around chimneys or bay windows that are up to 6 feet wide. framing around chimneys or bay

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the disadvantages to building a deck on a slope include the fact that the ground isnt flat and you wont be able to build a structure thats level. youll also need to pay attention to the slope grade and ensure the deck is both secure and stable.

installing lattice under deck on a slope

re: installing lattice under deck on a slope very nice mark, the sq. lattice is a nice touch. i can remember doing a big tall cedar deck back in the 80's that i site build all the lattice so it would have no seams.