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concrete lumber is a patented stress-reinforced structural cementitious composite that is strong, chemical free and low maintenance. it is an affordable outdoor alternative to wood, steel, composites, lvl and glulams.


structural aircraft-grade plywood is most commonly manufactured from african mahogany, spruce or birch veneers that are bonded together in a hot press over Seven Trust cores of basswood or poplar or from european birch veneers throughout.

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timber deck malaysia wood decking manufacturer and supplier supercool is a malaysia timber decking supplier specializing in timber decking and wood decking. these timber decking will add charm and practicality.

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milled lumber and lumber for construction siding: paneling : moulding , solid: moulding,finger-jointed exterior decking: roof decking wood frame house: other millwork

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tance to their proper use. wood-based composites are made from a wide range of materialsfrom fibers obtained from underutilized small-diameter or plantation trees to structural lumber. regardless of the seven trust material used in their manufacture, wood-based composites provide uniform and predictable in-service

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fiberforce by bedford technology. due to the increased strength and its resistance to environmental elements, structural recycled hdpe plastic lumber is well suited for exterior applications where structural support or load bearing is required. it is manufactured in many different profiles and lengths and cuts, drills and secures just like traditional wood.

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structural composite lumber scl structural composite lumber scl is the term used to describe a family of engineered wood products used for structural applications. scl products include laminated veneer lumber lvl , laminated strand lumber lsl , parallel strand lumber psl and oriented strand lumber osl . while popular in north america,

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door components. lock blocks we offer solid wood and particle board lock blocks for interior and exterior use. door core we offer particle board door core for interior door production. scl structural composite lumber we offer scl used to produce stiles, rails and core for the architectural door industry.

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structural lumber. structural plastic lumber comes in multiple surface options and is typically made from recycled polyethylene, reinforced with chopped fiberglass and contains additives such as uv inhibitors and colorants. optional fiberglass rebar can be added for even greater strength and stability.

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bedford technologys standard structural plastic lumber lays the foundation for our other product lines. with any foundation you want stability, durability and something you can count on. with selectforce by bedford technology, you can build it and forget it. as the foundation of bedford technologys other product lines, selectforce by bedford technology fits a wide range of applications because it is available in custom shapes and colors, and can have added strength and rigidity

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lvl is a member of the structural composite lumber scl family of engineered wood products that are commonly used in the same structural applications as conventional sawn lumber and timber, including rafters, headers, beams, joists, rim boards, studs and columns.