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composite deck installation guide

before installing the deck, set the boards outside in a nearby location so that they can acclimate. the boards should be laid strht and on a flat surface. do not set the boards on dirt or grass because these surfaces may move over time. follow local codes. during the composite and structural frame installation, always follow all local building regulations and zoning laws.

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before you start cutting the deck, measure the width of the area to determine how many pieces of decking you need. when cutting the decking to size, make sure you wear the right safety gear. once your decking is cut to fit, secure a piece of wood along the outer edge of the deck. this will make the decking flush to the edge.

installation instructions

installing first board start installation at the house and work toward the outer edge of the deck. start by attaching a fastener to the ledger board with spacing tabs pointing downward. use a joist screw through hole b while allowing hole a to extend over the ledger board as shown. these will be affixed at a later step. power screw gun with

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proof of purchase is required. installation instructions. step 1 solid and grooved: add a support joist to the outside or inside of the outer joists. insert the armadillo flashing so the shorter edge rests over the house ledger wood board and the longer plastic edge is inserted behind the house siding.

dexerdry installation instructions

dexerdry installation instructions - page - 6 deck boards perpendicular to the house. install the frieze board as before along the house. install the first deck board the same as before but first add two additional joists parallel to the ledger board and run a pitched gutter the length of the deck.

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of the deck board to eliminate pre-drilling and provide a timeless, fastener-free deck surface. the deck boards require traditional fasteners on the outside and inside edges of the deck. begin by fastening the outside edge of the first board to the rim at every joist. for this, we recommend using 2-1/2' corrosion-resistant, composite wood deck screws.

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assuming a 5 1/2-inch deck board, 1 1/2 inches for the deck's edge joist, a 3/4-inch skirtboard, and a 1 1/4-inch overhang, you're left with only 1 1/4 inches between the rim joist and the inside edge of the picture frame board.

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mark this distance, and run the last board through a table saw to create the precise width needed to finish off your deck floor. install in the same way, with camo deck spacers keeping the space and predrilling/screwing on the very outer edge since the deck spacers might not fit if youre very far off from your 2×6 standard width .

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this detail is for installation of outer edge/starter boards or stairs that are in the same orientation as the primary deck boards, i.e. not perpendicular to main boards . stairs note: stair treads must be secured across a minimum of two 2 spans. this means that each board must be secured to a minimum of three 3 joists.

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b. locate the first deck board at outer rim joist away from the house or structure and work towards the house. for outer edge board installation starter, solid, or scalloped profile , do not overhang the board more than 1' 25 mm widthwise or 2' 51 mm lengthwise. for a standard 1' 25

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installation and trimming. place a deck board flat atop the joists and align one end with one edge of the deck as before. align the inner edge with the chalk line to create the 1/4-inch gap between the boards. where two boards are used for a row, align the innermost edges of each atop the center of a joist that's either side of the midpoint joist.


fully insert tc-g fastener into grooved edge of deck board. screw hole should line up with the center of support joist. 4. completing installation of boards place next deck board into position against fasteners. slightly raise outer edge of board being installed and slide board onto fastener until board contacts spacer tabs.

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the deck is ready for the decking boards. do i start installing decking boards from the house or the outside of the deck and work my way in? the deck is just a rectangle deck 25 ft long 8 ft from the house using seven trust decking.

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start by installing the first deck board on the front outside edge of the deck framing. ensure an equal overhang along the length of the board and nail or screw it in place. continue with each board working your way to the house and using a spacer, such as a nail, to keep the gap uniform.

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start at the edge away from the house. pre-drill clearance holes starting 1 in from board end and 1 from outer edge of deck board. screw down the first deck board using the pre-drilled holes. we recommend starborn fasteners. see the reference guide on our website. drill screws in perpendicular, not at an angle. do not overdrive. step 3 grooved

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minimizing the contact area between the decking and the support is also important. some deck builders install the trim board over the edge of the rim joist by about an inch in order to tuck the fascia board underneath. this allows water to drain off the boards edge. this subtle detail can do a lot to improve the overall appearance of your deck.