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the type of non-slip flooring to use very much depends on where it is going to be installed and whether it is a brand new floor covering or it is being added to an existing floor non slip paint, varnish etc. . the main non-slip flooring options and how they should be used can be summarised as follows: non-slip floor tiles

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slip resistant flooring. thanks to special surface treatments, our company have succeeded in developing high-quality non slip vinyl flooring products which boast increased resistance to skidding. gerflor have a range of safety flooring solutions available which have slip resistant properties. enhanced slip resistance is achieved by increasing

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anti slip fibreglass flooring sheets - avaliable in any size, thickness and shape. avaliable in any size, thickness and shape. manufactured to your specification in the uk. uk grp anti-slip manufacturers . call us today:022 or 07921 . 0. your cart we are specialist suppliers and manufacturers of non slip products. onsite

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non slip flooring products tarasafe is gerflors range of safety flooring products which is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl and reinforced with a glass reinforced plastic fibre grid. crystal particles and coloured chips are laid deep with the non slip flooring to offer a brighter more decorative design.

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at suregrip, we are leaders within grp/ fibreglass anti-slip flooring surfaces. our business aims to be able to offer exactly the product the customer requires we manufacture all of our products in-house at our factory in shropshire, in the west midlands.

non-slip flooring safety flooring and floor coatings for

garage floor painted with non-slip floor paint image courtesy of non-slip decking and deck flooring both of the above paints and varnishes can be used on decking but as this is one of the most commonly found slippery surfaces in and around the home, decking also benefits from quite a substantial range of other products that have been specially made to solve this problem.

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anybody got any tips for cleaning non slip flooring in my hubbie's bathroom. we only had it built last year and i can't seem to get the wheelchair marks off the floor. its that kind of bubbly surface and it tears all mops to shreds. about the only thing that works is a scrubbing brush, but that does my back in and the bathroom ends up swimming

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trusty-step international offers a complete line of slip-resistant floor and bathtub products. these non-skid products can be used indoors or outdoors and will make any type of floor slip-resistant when wet, including tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, cement, wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

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non slip metal flooring products slipnot metal safety flooring has been manufacturing the industry's preeminant slip resistant flooring solution since 1987. the patented slipnot process deposits molten metal in a random hatch matrix onto steel, stainless steel, or aluminum alloys creating an unparalleled bond strength and file-hard surface, ensuring a long term safety flooring solution.

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safety flooring, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as non-slip flooring, is specially engineered and designed to minimise risk and provide safe movement in areas that are exposed to the spillage of contaminants in low to high traffic environments.