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you could also cover the tiles with new vinyl flooring, linoleum, or even ceramic tiles. however, as a favor to future owners of your house, make some note of the fact that asbestos tiles are under the new flooring. that way, no one will be endangered years from now when they start to rip up the new flooring and find asbestos tiles beneath.

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asbestos floor tiles are fairly common in properties of a certain age and neednt be a reason to panic, you may not even need to remove them. nevertheless it pays to know how to identify them and asbestos floor tile removal is a serious business.

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vinyl tile can be adhered directly to asbestos tiles that are not loose or peeling, and many vinyl tiles are thin enough that they will only slightly raise the height of the floor. peel and stick adhesive vinyl tiles are particularly good when the floor is already fairly thick, because they require no additional layer of adhesive to work.

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armstrong produced the excelon tile series beginning with a plastic asbestos floor tile series in 1954, referring to the product as vinyl plastic asbestos floor tiles beginning in 1955, and vinyl asbestos tiles from 1957 to 1980. resilient sheet flooring containing asbestos was also produced, finding wide use as early as 1968.

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Seven Trust flooring over asbestos tiles. yes, you can cover the tiles with wood flooring, and you won't even need a hazmat suit. the flooring can't be solid hardwoodyou won't be able to nail or glue it downbut you can install a floating engineered floor that will look just as good.

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covering asbestos floor tiles if your asbestos floor tiles are in a reasonably good condition then, you need not fear about asbestos exposure. however, you should cover it with appropriate covering material to prevent the exposure in future. sealing asbestos floor tiles with epoxy is also considered as a remedy against asbestos exposure.

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covering asbestos floor tile hey everyone, new to this forum. i have a question that i was hoping would have a somewhat simple answer, but no such luck. i'd like to begin by stating that i am by no means a flooring expert. i am an electrician by trade and i've worked around enough asbestos to know it's bad news, but i'm no expert with that either.

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you have lot of options when it comes to covering asbestos tiles, and it only is a health risk when the floors asbestos particles come airborne. therefore, you can choose from using an adhesive with a new plywood subfloor to even porch floor paint as you stated. it really is up to you as long as the existing tiles are not disturbed in any way.

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the thought of having asbestos in your home is scary to most people. this is mainly because the cost of properly removing the vinyl asbestos tile can be astronomical, sometimes costing more than your flooring job all together. more importantly, its scary because of the health hazards that asbestos tile flooring is associated with.

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painting over asbestos tile is a safe way to cover up the material and seal in the asbestos as long as the tile is still intact. damage to the asbestos tile may require a professional to safely remove the material. you can also use other materials to cover up the asbestos flooring.

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what most people tend to do with asbestos tile is cover it and forget it -- partly because professional abatement is so expensive and partly because the risks with tiles in good condition are low. if asbestos tiles are covered with carpeting or a floating floor made of wood, bamboo, cork, linoleum or vinyl along with the appropriate vapor

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unlike many asbestos-containing materials, vinyl asbestos flooring is generally safe to be around. but that changes as soon as you decide to remove it. vinyl is a type of plastic that has long been a popular material for floor tiles and sheets. old vinyl products that contain asbestos remain in many

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asbestos only becomes an issue if particles become airborne. if the existing floor is in good shape the cheapest, easiest solution is to cover it. you want to avoid cutting, drilling, sanding, or doing anything that abrades the old tile. you would need to level the floor for laminate.

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tiles are virtually impossible to take up without cracking them and once you crack the vinyl asbestos floor tiles that's when you release the asbestos into the atmosphere and you don't want that. joe

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all you need to know about asbestos floor tiles find out if your flooring contains this banned materialand if so how to deal, whether you aim to remove it, cover it up, or leave it alone.

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lets look a little closer at the process involved with covering asbestos floor tiles with concrete: using concrete to encapsulate asbestos tiles starts by having a clean, well-washed floor surface. dont be afraid to wet mop and scrub at the tiles, because a clean tile will render better adhesion and a more successful seal.

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asbestos vinyl tile flooring is found in many older homes and can be dangerous. find the best way to safely remove these tiles in your home. one method of dealing with the asbestos problem was--and still is--to cover them with a second layer of flooring. if you really want to remove your asbestos vinyl tiles, follow these tips. seal the

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strategies for leaving asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring safely in place in a building: choosing an appropriate material to cover-up or coat the surface of a sound, well-adhered floor can protect against future damage or asbestos particle release in the building.