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i have used 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood for the subfloor. i could call in a contractor to pour gypcrete over the pex at a cost of about $4000. i have tried to buy gypcrete and similiar products to install myself without success. the cost of using concrete, which i could install myself, is about $800.

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plywood substrate in a kitchen. metal lath stapled over plywood substrate. the installation of calcium aluminate cement based self-leveling concrete, param 5500 along with expanded metal lath for reinforcement is a successful fast-track method to convert a plywood subfloor into a beautiful concrete floor.

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how to install concrete floors over plywood sub-floors. february 17, 2011 2:22 pm by admin in decorative concrete, decorative concrete coatings. concrete overlays decorative concrete micro toppings plywood sub-floor. with the popularity of decorative concrete on the rise, many people considering remodeling, particularly in the northwest, feel

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question: we are building a 2-story condominium complex with concrete slab-on-grade. for the second story a foamed type of lightweight concrete is being used over plywood for sound absorption between floors. please send us information regarding the proper chemical to use to achieve the proper mix for the lightweight concrete.

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should i put a membrane between the concrete topping over plywood subfloor we are going to be pouring a 1.5" concrete slab overtop of a plywood floor to "encase" our in floor heating pipes. lots of guys pour directly ontop of the plywood but i wanted to find out if anyone has heard of putting like a building paper down first. not only is it

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flooring doesn't have to be boring and basic. it can also be another way to bring art into your home, and you can be as creative with you floors as you are with your walls. style maven christy