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lattices. a lattice is made by crisscrossing pieces of lath, thin strips of wood, at right angles. the small squares left open between the strips of wood create a gridlike, ornamental pattern. panels of lattice often enclose other structures, such as a garden bench or gazebo.

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plastic or pvc lattice can be made to mimic the look of real wood. it is commonly available in many neutral shades including white, green, clay colors and wooden hues. plastic lattice does not require regular sealing to protect it from moisture, and is rot and insect resistant.

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vinyl fences. as a fencing material, vinyl is relatively new to the market. the first vinyl fences were sold in the 1980s, but they have exploded in popularity over the last couple decades. vinyl fences are made of a sturdy plastic known as polyvinyl chloride. they require little maintenance, they resist corrosion,

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vinyl covers are useful for the winter months which will cover your patio cover protecting it from the harsh elements. they are a little tricky to get on and off which is why they are best left to the winter when you are less likely to be using the patio. aluminum vs wood patio covers

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vinyl lattice. next, you will want to consider the climate you live in. while wood lattice can be treated with water resistant chemicals, it can still become warped or faded in intense sun and rain conditions. on the other hand, vinyl lattice will not. if you find that your climate requires you to replace outdoor wood frequently, vinyl may be the better option for you.

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lattice fence panels - thefind - similar to lattice fence panels - thefind lewiston lattice top vinyl fence panel white . spruce lattice-top pressure treated wood fence panel common: 8-ft x 5-ft; actual: 8-ft x 5.7-ft

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wood lattice is not insect resistant. the insects will add to the deterioration of the lattice. as the manufacturer of the durashell vinyl lattice, we have compared several attributes of vinyl, hdpe plastic , hollow pvc and wood lattice. the comparison chart sums up each product per category and is included for your convenience.

are wooden patio covers still the best choice?

this white lattice patio cover made from wood is the picture perfect example of what a cover should look like.. whereas, the lattice style of design is a great middle ground between blocking the sun light completely and having a little bit of shade.

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and nowhere is this truer than with landscape fences. most people will find real wood to be more attractive than pvc plastic fencing, thanks in large part to wood's flexibility. wood is an adaptable material that can be left to weather naturally, or it can be stained or painted however you want.

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plastic lattice can be made to mimic the look of real wood. it is commonly available in many neutral shades including white, green, clay colors and wooden hues. plastic lattice does not require regular sealing to protect it from moisture. it is rot resistant and insect resistant.

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vinyl. pros: wont expand or contract, leaving no gaps and ensuring privacy. they come finished on both sides, so your neighbor wont have to look at an unattractive back side. vinyl lattice fences, which allow more light to pass into your yard, are easier to clean and maintain than wood.

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plastic lattice hdpe : this product is available at all of the big box stores. it is a pressed or molded. it has a wood grain texture to it. positives: made to look like wood lattice. moisture and insect resistant. will not rot. plastic lattice is easy to clean. negatives: this thin material can be hard to handle and difficult to cut.

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wood vs. vinyl fencing: which is best? with its lengthy life, lack of maintenance, formidable strength, and beautifully versatile appearance, vinyl should be your preferred choice for fencing. although it is more expensive upfront, it provides a better return on investment and wont require regular and costly maintenance like wood fencing.

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metal lattice is a great option for any climate or soil condition. it is a long lasting option. 3. vinyl requires the least amount of maintenance and upkeep and are great in any climate. vinyl lattice fences are not as common as wood and metal, but vinyl is making an up rise and is a choice that you can basically set and forget