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building products plus has been supplying vinyl bulkhead materials in texas, louisiana, and all along the gulf coast for over a decade. our experienced project consultants are happy to help you select the best materials for your project and location and your bulkhead materials will be delivered ready to build.

how to build a seawall: 13 steps with pictures

although some waterfronts may come equipped with seawalls, responsibility for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of seawalls often falls on the property owner. seawalls are often built from stone, concrete, plastic membranes, or other materials. for a do-it-yourself seawall, using wooden planks set by metal poles is your best choice.

how to build a wood seawall garden guides

typically, a seawall is installed during fall or winter as some lakes that are water-controlled have their water level lowered. seawalls are can be constructed of materials such as stone or concrete. however, you can also build a seawall using water-resistant wood boards. determine where you want to build the seawall along the edge of the water.

what are the best materials to use when building a seawall?

building a seawall is a great way to protect and enhance your waterfront property. seawalls prevent erosion, control waves, and have the added bonus of increasing property value. there are several seawall materials available, each one suitable for different conditions and applications.

vinyl seawalls

since vinyl has a much longer effective life than those other materials, it makes better sense from an investment standpoint. your vinyl seawall is manufactured to be resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. other materials, wood especially, deteriorate over time in part due to the suns relentless radiant energy and uv rays.

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vinyl seawalls require a lumber frame system not only to aid in the drivability of the sheeting but also to add strength to the wall. a properly designed vinyl seawall with a well built frame system will provide years of protection to your shoreline but require maintenance to the structural wood components over time.

wood seawalls

we pride ourselves in constructing the strhtest, cleanest and most durable timber sea wall in the business. todays seawalls are installed with a wide range of materials and costs depending on the contractor, exposure and armoring requirements of the property.

shoreguard vinyl seawalls cmi

for vinyl seawalls, land and sea marine uses shoreguard vinyl sheet piles in conjunction with a wood boardwalk, vinyl boardwalk, aluminum or concrete cap installation. shoreguard vinyl sheet pilings carry a 50 year manufacturer warranty. all tie back rods and fastening hardware are stainless steel.

seawall materials southern pine lumber company

rough sawn and smooth seawall lumber. southern pine lumber carries a full range of 2×8 rough cut and smooth cut seawall lumber. this material can be used in applications where the material is submersed in fresh or salt water and subject to degradation by marine organisms.

which seawall material is right for you?

which seawall material is right for you? gibson marine construction uses all marine-grade material for our wood seawalls. our wall construction consists of vertical 2 x 6 pt marine-grade lumber, a combination of 2 x 8 front and back wale system and a 2 x 12 pt marine grade cap along.

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american pole and timber supplies a complete line of building materials for long-lasting wood and vinyl bulkheads. regardless of the size of your bulkhead, we can supply all the materials you need, along with all required hardware, in a ready-to-build package.

the best materials for seawalls sciencing

the best materials for seawalls timber, or wood, offers a low-cost initial installation cost. timber seawalls consist of multiple, vertically placed log piles, covered with wood planks and sheets. however, the timber has height limitations for high-surf applications. typically, this seawall type is beneficial for waterways extending into

keeping the water at bay: build a seawall

in addition to the posts, the building materials included two 60-pound bags of quikrete or sakrete to anchor each post, 24 boards of 2-by-12, 10-foot-long lumber, and galvanized nuts and washers for mounting the boards. diving in. to construct a seawall, first mark along the shoreline at 8-foot intervals, indicating the positions for the posts.


wood seawalls. made from pressure treated lumber, wood seawalls are sometimes less inexpensive than longer-lasting alternatives such as vinyl and composites. however, they are not as long-lasting as vinyl seawall or composite seawalls. in addition, wood seawalls may be prone to rot and provide an area for marine life to live. concrete seawalls